Anupama 16th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 16th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama telling Toshu to explain himself in jail as this video will tell everyone that Anupama is not a thief while Toshu pleades in front of her.

Leela tells her to sort things out while Anupama says that he has not stolen a five rupee note from her bag so that they can sort things out in the home and grabs Toshu by his collar.

Vanraj tries to stop her but she asks Vanraj not to mess with her as Toshu says that what he did was for the sake of Pari.

Meanwhile, Shruti and Anuj talk to the lawyer before she leaves as the lawyer hands her the papers telling her that all her parents' property is in her name and asking her what to do next.

Shruti tells him to sell everything while Anuj asks her not to make decisions haphazardly as these belonged to her parents.

She says that she was attached to her parents and not their property.

She tells him that she wants to live in the US as Mrs. Shruti Anuj Kapadia.

Back in the US, Toshu tells her everything while Leela and Vanraj try to defend Toshu and it gets revealed that Vanraj already knows about Toshu.

She says that what happened to him was not a compulsion but the consequences of his actions.

Leela asks Kinjal to stop Anupama but Kinjal says that she is not doing wrong.

Toshu asks for some time to spend with Pari as he loves her while Anupama agrees and tells him that she will come tomorrow morning and then he will have to go to the police station.

Concurrently, Dimly and Titu talk as Titu is going abroad for two months for his shows as she agrees while he is hesitant to say something.

Dimpy asks him to say whatever he wants so he asks her to accompany him with Ansh but she says that he dreams a lot.

She gets up while she says that she will miss him as he gives her a ring and gets on one knee and makes her wear it.

She takes out one of her earrings and turns it into a ring as he wears it.

Meanwhile, Anupama goes to her restaurant while Yashdeep sees her as she is restless.

Subsequently, Kinjal sees Toshu and Pari playing while Anuj recalls his promise to Shruti about the marriage along with Anupama's face.

The next day, Anupama goes to Kinjal's house and finds out that Toshu has fled away and asks them where did he went as everyone is silent.

Vanraj and Leela again defend Toshu as Anupama asks him if he made Toshu run away as he says that he doesn't know where Toshu is.

Anupama says that she will turn the video to the police and they will find him as she leaves.

Vanraj recalls when Toshu came to him asking for help as he informed him that he was running away and asked him to take care of everyone as he hugged him.

Vanraj gets emotional and asks him to make sure wherever he goes, she does not make any mistakes there while Toshu agrees.

He comes back to reality and thinks to himself that he has only one kid and no matter right or wrong, he needs to save his kid.

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