Anupama 16th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 16th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu asking Anuj to not go inside Adhya's room as she has just slept while he asks her if Adhya is fine or not.

Then, Anu tells him that Adhya has grown up after which Anuj gets a hint that Adhya is on period after that he thanks Anu for taking care of Adhya.

Anuj says that he is taking Shruti for her injection to the hospital after which he asks Anu to look after Adhya until he returns whereas Titu and Dimpy return after watching a movie.

Titu gets engaged in an argument with a man after which Dimpy asks him to not pay attention to those people after that one man comes out of the car and Dimpy becomes anxious to see him and she recalls that he is the one who raped her.

Dimpy starts to shiver whereas Anu prays to god for making her day special at Spice and Chutney after that she receives a text from Yashdeep in which he wishes her all the best for a new start.

Just then, Adhya comes out of the room and starts crying and saying that she is having a stomach ache after that Anu takes her inside the room and keeps a water bag over her stomach so that she can feel better.

Anu takes care of her and asks Adhya to distract herself by listening to songs after that she calls Anuj but he does not pick up the call then she receives a call from Yashdeep who tells her that there is so much of order at their restaurant and he says that he is not able to manage the things alone.

He asks her where is she after that Anu says that she is with Adhya because she is alone at home after that she says that once Anuj returns she will come there.

Yashdeep is not able to manage the things whereas Dimpy asks Titu to come along with her while that man again tries to misbehave with Dimpy which provokes Titus' anger and he starts beating them.

Titu asks Dimpy to go away from there but she is not able to understand what to do then Adhik comes there and saves Dimpy from that man.

Adhik beats him ruthlessly whereas Anu is late for work after that she asks for an apology from Yashdeep but he asks her to be careful as she has invested everything in it.

Anu agrees to him and starts working while Pari and Kinjal come there along with Toshu over there and Kinjal tells her that Toshu has agreed to do the job of waiter over there which makes Anu happy and she prays to god for the betterment of Toshu.

Meanwhile, Anuj calls Anu and tells her that Adhya is in pain after which Anu tells him to do everything while cooking whereas Toshu does not do his work properly which makes Anu angry while she tells Yashdeep that she will manage everything.

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