Anupama 16th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 16th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 16th October 2023 episode starts with Malti Devi teaching dance to Anu and telling her that she will also become an artist very soon.

Anu smiles at Malti Devi and calls her "Guru Maa" but Malti Devi asks Anu to address her as a grandmother as she enjoys hearing that from Anu.

Remembering how Anuj cried when he discovered that Malti Devi was his mother, Anu asks Malti Devi to never hurt Anuj again or leave him to which Malti Devi promises to Anu, stating that she was never leaving Anuj alone.

Malti Devi tells Anu that she will play, dance, and do many things with her after Anu says that Anupama remains sad all the time and does not give her or Anuj much time after Samar's demise.

Pakhi and Adhik come from outside and Barkha asks them what the matter is to which Pakhi replies that she does not want to tell such things in front of outsiders.

Meanwhile, the Shah family stands around Vanraj while the doctor checks him and tells others that Vanraj has gotten a shock due to Samar's death.

The doctor suggests Vanraj see a therapist or counselling as he might lose his mental sanity if this tendency continues as present.

Everyone is shocked to hear such news and Leela asks God why she is being punished like that when her grandson died and now her son is in such a condition.

Anuj tells Hasmukh that he is leaving for home and proceeds to walk away when he turns around and locks his eyes with Anupama.

Anupama and Anuj leave together in the car and Anuj asks Anupama if she will be able to forgive him ever in this lifetime as it is very important to him.

Anuj says that some incidents have given him the idea that Anupama does not hate him completely and there is hope for things to go back to how they were.

Anupama says that she is trying and needs some more time to which Anuj replies that he can give her all the time she wants but he will die if Anupama decides to leave him.

Elsewhere, Vanraj opens his eyes and finds Kavya who gives him juice but Vanraj says that he needs to get the calculations from Samar regarding the dance academy.

Kavya tells Vanraj that Samar was shot and is dead in the present which makes Vanraj remember the scene again and he says that Samar is dead and not with them anymore.

Seeing Vanraj like that, Kavya breaks down into tears and tells the family members about Vanraj's condition after which all family members decide to spend time with Vanraj and help him smile.

At the same time, Anuj and Anupama reach home and meet a woman who has come with her son as he has got Samar's eyes from organ donation.

Anupama remembers Samar's eyes on seeing that boy and feeds him ladoos lovingly after which the woman thanks Anupama for giving his child a new birth.

After the woman and the boy leave, Anupama says that everyone should donate their organs as the human body turns into a pile of dust with time.

Anupama says that she should feed Anu but Malti Devi says that she has done it already which makes Anuj and Anupama a bit awkward in that situation.

Later, Anuj calls Anupama to show her about Sonu getting arrested by the police based on Anuj and Vanraj's statements.

Anupama and Anuj get hopeful about Samar's case seeing Sonu getting arrested and Anuj says that it is just the beginning of a war.

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