Anupama 16th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 16th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 16th September 2023 episode starts with Anuj taken back as Malti Devi calls him "son" in a gentle manner.

Anupama and Anuj bring Malti Devi home

Anuj stares at Malti Devi with a confused face and asks her to sit down so that she does not get hurt this time.

Removing the object from the floor, Anuj stands awkwardly beside Malti Devi when Anupama comes in and asks if anything is the matter.

Anupama asks Malti Devi to get ready to come to her own home which bothers Anuj a bit but he decides to keep silent for the meantime.

Meanwhile, Ankush spots Barkha staring at him and asks her if she wants to tell him something after which Barkha taunts him about Romil's deeds.

Ankush says that he admits that Romil has done a wrong thing but also accuses Barkha of supporting Adhik in each and every mistake of his.

Barkha says that Adhik will not repeat such mistakes anymore to which Ankush replies that Romil is also mature enough to not commit the same mistake again.

Shahs do not agree with Pakhi's decision

At the same time, Leela prays to the gods and thanks them for bringing back Pakhi when Kinjal and Dimple both say that they did mannat for Pakhi to come back.

Dimple says that she can be bad at times but she is a woman and cannot see anything happening wrong with another woman.

Toshu asks why Pakhi has to become great by forgiving both Adhik and Romil and says that the two of them should be in jail in the present.

Kinjal says that at times people have to trust others and forgive them as all humans make mistakes but it is love and guilt that help them to grow into better people.

Toshu argues that Pakhi took the wrong decision to which Kinjal reminds him that he has committed many mistakes himself but Kinjal has still given him a second chance.

Vanraj says that he does not agree with Pakhi's decision while Hasmukh asks them to stop arguing about the matter as everything is fine now.

Leela reminds Hasmukh that Malti Devi has returned and she doubts that Malti Devi is faking her mental condition to take her revenge on Anuj and Anupama.

Pakhi asks Romil to come to a movie

Elsewhere, Adhik sits with Pakhi and Barkha says that they should go on a date somewhere which makes them excited.

Adhik talks about going on a movie date while Pakhi asks Barkha and Ankush to join them too when Romil passes by there.

Pakhi asks Romil if he wants to come with them to which Romil replies that he has projects to complete but Pakhi tells him that she will help him in completing everything.

After Romil leaves, Barkha and Adhik warn Pakhi to be careful around Romil as he can do something again but Pakhi says that Romil is just immature but a good person.

Meanwhile, Kavya gives tea to Vanraj and tells him that she knows how it feels to earn love and family as she is in a similar situation but Vanraj needs to believe that she loves him.

Malti Devi calls Anuj her son in front of the family

Later, Anupama asks Anuj why he is suddenly resisting the decision to keep Malti Devi with them as he was fine earlier to which Anuj says that he decided not to talk about it then.

Anuj tells Anupama that he feels uncomfortable whenever Malti Devi is around him when Pakhi and Adhik come there and tell them that they are planning Anuj's belated birthday party.

After requesting a bit, Anuj agrees to celebrate his birthday when they hear a crashing noise of glass breaking and come outside to the living room.

Malti Devi stands shivering saying it is not her fault while a glass object lies shattered on the floor.

Anupama says it is fine that the glass broke and Malti Devi does not need to worry about it but Malti Devi runs over the glass shreds and hugs Anuj.

Malti Devi asks Anuj to take his mother back home which shocks everyone while Anuj gets nervous for some reason.

After Anupama somehow separates Malti Devi telling her that the house belongs to Anuj, Anuj comes back to his room with Anupama following him.

Anupama asks Anuj not to mind Malti Devi's words to which Anuj says that he knows that situation but still hates it that Malti Devi is calling him her son.

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