Anupama 17th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 17th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Adhya sending a voice note to Adhay after which she plays it in front of Anuj in which they tell her that they are missing her and ask her why she returned.

Adhya tells Anuj that she is feeling good after coming back to India along with the Shah family but Devika's aunty is very irritating after which Anuj says that she is habitual from earlier.

Anij tells her that they should never forget their roots wherever they go as in the U.S.A. people are not so involved in each other as there is so much professionalism over there.

He says that when the wedding ends then she will say that she wants to live there and does not want to go while Adhya says that they have to go because Shruti is waiting for them over there.

Adhya says that she wants to perform all the wedding rituals at his and Shruti's wedding whereas Kavya and the other ladies of the family are about to go and sleep but they hear someone's coughing sound.

Kavya holds a stick and goes to see then she finds kids sitting outside and Ishu is coughing after that Pari tells her that Pakhi is getting disturbed so they come out so that her sleep does not get disturbed.

Kinjal asks the kids to come and sleep along with them while Baapu ji comes there and says that he will scold Pakhi for such kind of harsh behavior whereas Bhavesh brings sweets for Anu after getting to know the real culprit of Spice and Chutney.

Anu asks him to do another marriage but he refuses and says that he wants to live along with her whereas Baapu ji goes to Pakhi's room along with Ishu and she again yells at Baapu ji for bringing Ishu over there.

She asks Baapu ji to give medicine to her and not disturb her sleep after which Baapu ji gives some other medicine to Ishani due to which she gets unconscious then everyone comes over there to see Ishaani.

Vanraj comes there while Kinjal tells about this thing Anu and Kavya go to wake up Pakhi but she does not wake up after which she yells at Pakhi then she wakes up and they take her to the hospital.

Pakhi starts crying whereas Leela wonders what would have happened to Ishaani then Kinjal checks the medicine and she becomes surprised to see that Ishaani took the wrong medicine while Baapu ji also becomes anxious.

Meanwhile, Pakhi scolds Baapu ji for giving the wrong medicine to Pakhi then Vanraj asks her to think before saying anything while Kinjal requests everyone at home to not say anything to Baapu ji for it.

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