Anupama 17th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama telling herself that Vanraj has spoiled Toshu since childhood.

Meanwhile, in the restaurant, one of the employees gets to know that it is Anupama's birthday the next day and they plan something for her. 

Yashdeep allots work to everyone while Beeji says that she will supervise everything.

Meanwhile, Anupama comes as Beeji asks her if everything is all right as she says yes and goes to the kitchen while she sees Anuj entering from the door.

On the other hand, Vanraj receives a call from his higher authorities and he has been assigned as a project head which requires him to stay here for a year.

Leela agrees while he decides to call everyone here at least for summer vacations.

Meanwhile, while Kinjal brings her tea but she says that she doesn't want to have anything right now.

Kinjal agrees as she says that she wants to meet Anupama and offers to accompany her.

Back at the restaurant, Anupama talks to Anuj as he says that he can ask Mr.Zaveri to take the case back which will give her a clean chit and Toshu will get another chance while Anupama asks him to do none of this and she has decided that Toshu will have to confess in front of everyone.

She apologizes to him on Toshu's behalf to spoil the event as Anuj feels guilty for leaving Anupama that day in the jail but she understands his situation and asks him to forget past things.

Anuj asks her if she was able to let go past affairs while she avoids the topic and asks if Shruti is fine, to which he says that he wants to tell her something but meanwhile, Leela and Kinjal come as Leela is being salty to her.

She asks her to serve tea while Anupama asks Anuj what he was about to say but he says it's not that important.

Anupama leaves as Leela talks to Anuj saying Anupama has gone crazy as she asks him to tell Anupama that she should sue Toshu but Anuj says it's not his business so she leaves.

Concurrently, Beeji and Leela get into a banter while Leela says that she loves Anupama because Yashdeep loves Anupama as she says that not only her but everyone loves her and gives Leela a powerful comeback.

On the flip side, Toshu is on a run as he spots a police officer while he wonders if Anupama has given that video to the police.

Meanwhile, Anupama seems tense as Beeji checks on her while Beeji instructs Yashdeep to take care of tomorrow's celebration.

Back in India, everyone in India is happy to know that Vanraj has called them to the US while Mahi is upset that she isn't going as Hasmukh calls her and asks why she is sad.

Pakhi tells everyone what Mahi is thinking.

Kavya assures that she will go to the US and everyone becomes happy.

Subsequently, Toshu calls Kinjal and they talk as she asks him to come back.

In the meantime, Anuj brings cake for Anupama at the restaurant and they celebrate her birthday as they dance together but this turns out to be Anuj's imagination.

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