Anupama 17th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 17th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with workers bitching about Anupama for keeping Toshu at the waiter's job at their place.

Meanwhile, Anu thanks god for sending so much of the crowd to the restaurant while Yashdeep asks her to be careful with customers like Mr. Gulati who tries to find fault in everything.

Anu wonders why would Gulati have come there whereas Titu says that he will drop Dimpy off at the house while Adhik says that he has informed at house that they are at his home.

Dimpy says that she wants to tell something to Titu after which Adhik goes from there and wonders if Dimpy's past will ruin their bond while Dimpy says that she wants to tell something to him.

Titu says that he is not interested in her past life but Dimpy says that she has having bad past which he should know about Shruti finalizes the venue for her wedding with Anuj but he is not happy.

Shruti says that she has got a date for the next month after which Adhya becomes happy whereas Gulati ji wonders why Yashdeep has kept so low prices at his restaurant.

Yashdeep meets Gulati after which they talk to each other then Yashdeep introduces Anu to him after which she offers masala tea to him for not replying to his mail.

Meanwhile, Dimpy tells everything to Titu but she thinks that he will not accept her so she asks for an apology Titu scolds her for saying sorry and he assures her that he will give a good life to her and he is proud of her.

Dimpy becomes happy and says that she is lucky to have him in his life and that she will never hide anything from him while Gulati ji drinks tea made by Anu he is impressed by it and says that if she had worked in his restaurant and then she would be having so much of money.

Anu refuses and says that she does not work for money while Titu drops Dimpy to the house but Vanraj holds Titu's collar and slaps him for not disclosing his past to him.

Toshu meets Gulati and is impressed by Gulati and thinks of working for him but Anu becomes worried for him and asks him what was he talking about with Gulati Toshu lies to her that he is discussing Indian culture.

Vanraj scolds Dimpy and Titu for roaming till late in the night after that he asks Dimpy to go in the house and he asks Titu how he got a mark on his hand after which Titu lies to him that he fell while driving but Vanraj asks him to tell the exact reason.

Titu lies to him again after that he receives a call from his friend so he goes from there Adhaya says that she has invited her friends to her birthday party while Anu gets to know that Toshu has taken money from Gulati to give information about Spice and chutney to him.

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