Anupama 17th November 2023 Written Update

Anupama 17th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 17th November 2023 episode starts with Romil showing the gift he will give to Anu later on Bhai dooj when he notices a parcel and gets shocked to see his name on it.

Everyone bursts balloons and congratulates Romil leading him to learn that Ankush is sending him to study at Boston University, making him extremely happy.

Romil hugs Ankush while thanking him after which he acknowledges that Ankush was a good father and a great brother indeed.

Ankush feels light in his heart on hearing Romil after which he says that he will miss the people of this family even though he did not like staying here at first.

Meanwhile, Leela brings Dimpy home and asks her why she is walking so close to Titu, leaving Dimpy shocked.

However,  Dimpy replies that she was just making him repair the handle of the door as she cannot afford money for that.

Leela continues to say disgusting things about Dimple’s character and that she has already found another man even though it has just been two months since Samar's death.

Dimpy gets teary and runs to Anupama as she and Anuj come there.

Anupama takes a stand for Dimple and tells Leela that she is thinking wrong.

Dimpy loses her temper and says that she will leave the house forever if Leela continues to accuse her like that as she does not want to stay with her.

Leela asks Dimple to leave after giving her the baby which angers Dimpy even more and she says that everyone is right to leave Leela as she deserves to stay alone.

She wonders what would happen if Dimpy decides to get with another man to which Anupama replies that it is Dimple’s choice 

However, Leela says that she will never allow such a thing to happen with Dimpy.

Leela gets hyper and faints suddenly after which the doctor comes and tells everyone that Leela can be admitted to the hospital due to her bishop in blood pressure.

Hasmukh starts crying and says that he cannot live alone without Leela as only he and Kavya would be left in this house and if anything happens to Leela,  he cannot even dare to imagine this. 

Kavya takes Hasmukh into his room to make him rest a bit while others look worried about the situation with Dimpy drowning in guilt as she never wished something to happen to Leela.

Anuj leaves after a bit as he has some work and promises to come later while Anupama stays at the Shah house.

Kinjal gets emotionally affected by Leela's condition and keeps Pari near her after which she says that they should not go to UK anymore.

Toshu says that they cannot change their decision while Dimpy asks them to stay as Leela loves them a lot.

Elsewhere, Barkha complains to Ankush about Boston's university being very expensive and reminds Ankush that Romil is not their son.

Anupama asks them to stop fighting and says that anyone is allowed and free to leave as they wish.

Giving everyone tea or coffee, Anupama gets worried and almost faints at night when Anuj comes and holds her.

Anuj assures Anupama that he is with her at every step which gives Anupama motivation.

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