Anupama 17th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 17th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 17th September 2023 episode starts with Pakhi sitting by Malti Devi's side while she sleeps and hears Malti Devi mumbling to herself about her lost son.

Anuj tells Anupama that he is bothered by Malti Devi staying with them in the same house due to an unknown anxiety which he is also not sure about.

Anupama tells Anuj to stop worrying about the matter and stay calm but Anuj says that he does not want Malti Devi to stay with them anymore.

Hearing Anuj's sudden strong resistance toward Malti Devi, Anupama says that it is just a matter of a few days but Anuj asks Anupama to search for any relatives of Malti Devi and send her to them.

Anupama assures Anuj that she will look into the matter and find Malti Devi's son if he exists in reality which satisfies Anuj a bit.

Meanwhile, Hasmukh comes back from outside and gets welcomed by Leela who tells him not to work that hard by himself as he is ageing quite a lot.

Hasmukh says that he does not do that much and only goes to the park to tell stories to children for which their parents give him some money.

Leela asks Hasmukh how much he earns to which Hasmukh replies that even though the money is not that much, he finds happiness to do such a thing as he considers it his earned income.

Hasmukh says that people should not stop working and become a burden after their retirement but they should work what they like to do as long as they are physically fit.

As Hasmukh asks about everyone, Leela tells him that everyone has gone to work while Kavya is resting in her room after which she goes to the kitchen to make tea for him.

At the same time, Anupama proceeds to leave somewhere and bumps into Pakhi after which she tells Pakhi that she will be busy with Malti Devi and will not be able to look after her all the time.

Pakhi asks Anupama if she is saying so because of Adhik and Romil but Anupama says that she is saying that because of Pakhi.

Anupama explains to Pakhi that it is not a bad thing to seek advice if there are problems in a marriage and a person cannot change as fast as she is claiming Adhik to be.

Pakhi agrees with Anupama's suggestion and understands that it is not enough for her to just make efforts to save her marriage but there needs to be an understanding.

Elsewhere, Hasmukh calls Leela and asks her to rest a bit but does not hear any reply after which he goes to the kitchen and is shocked to see Leela lying on the floor.

Kavya comes on hearing the screams and handles the situation by opening the windows which makes the smoke from the burnt dish go away and calling for help.

On the other hand, Anupama comes to the Gurukul to get any belongings of Malti Devi and secures an attaché case in which she finds things related to Malti Devi's past.

After everyone comes back to the Shah house, Hasmukh says that Leela would not tell anyone about her problems and work even at her age.

Vanraj assures Hasmukh that they will take care of Leela for her blood pressure problem while Hasmukh acknowledges Kavya's help during the emergency.

Leela gains her senses and hears how Kavya took care of her for which she says thank you to Kavya making her feel emotional.

Meanwhile, Anupama finds a birth certificate of someone who apparently is Malti Devi's son when she gets a message from Anuj, asking her when she is coming back.

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