Anupama 18th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 18th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 18th April 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 18th April 2023 episode starts with Pakhi coming to Anupama and hugging her to ensure that she is there with her mother this time in this situation.

Meanwhile, Barkha calls Anuj and tells him that Anupama has changed very much and has forgotten basic decency as to how she should behave with others.

With additional exaggeration and lies, Barkha tells Anuj that Anupama said many bad things to her and about him too with her mother supporting her.

Anuj replies to Barkha saying that Anupama can never talk badly about him to which Barkha says that he is not aware of what lengths Anupama can actually go to.

Barkha reminds Anuj that Anupama has stayed with the Shahs for 26 years, especially with Vanraj which irks Anuj and he hangs up the call.

At the same time, Dimple tells Samar that they cannot depend on anybody as they do not know when a person changes their color now, like his family.

Adhik, Samar, and Dimple reach the Kapadia mansion and hear Barkha talking to Anuj about Anupama, leaving them shocked.

With night deepening its roots, Vanraj notices Kinjal working in the kitchen and gets reminded of Anupama when she used to live there.

Vanraj asks Kinjal to take a rest but Kinjal says that she is just waiting for Pakhi to return as she has gone to meet Anupama.

Kinjal tells Vanraj about some issue happening at Anupama's house earlier that day as Barkha came there to return her luggage on Anuj's command.

Vanraj feels intrigued hearing that and tells Kinjal that he sees Anupama in her as she is the only person who can keep the family connected with each other now.

After Kinjal leaves, Vanraj decides to call Anupama to ask her about her condition but Anupama decides to ignore the call.

On the second try, Anupama picks up the call and tells Vanraj that Pakhi is fine and she is sleeping with her while Vanraj talks about Barkha and the matter earlier.

Anupama gets irritated hearing Vanraj and says that she does not want to hear such things from him at such a time of the day and asks Vanraj to never call her in the night again.

Vanraj tries to instigate Anupama against Anuj as her friend but Anupama does not buy his words and hangs up the call.

Kavya watches Vanraj trying to communicate with Anupama and says that Vanraj will not pay attention to her even if she was dying.

Meanwhile, Maaya notices Anuj and Anu sleeping together and gets worried as she touches Anuj's forehead to realize that he is running a fever again.

Anuj sleeps while holding onto Anupama's saree and does not leave it even when Maaya tries to take it away from him.

On the other hand, Anupama starts coughing, feeling discomfort suddenly while she is about to sleep and takes out Anuj's shirt from her bag to comfort herself.

Anuj wakes up to see Maaya putting a wet cloth on his forehead and refuses her kindness saying that he will be fine soon.

After Anupama prays to God for Anuj's well-being wherever he is, Anuj's fever disappears leaving Maaya confused.

The next day, Anupama gets her first student named Diksha who comes to her new dance academy to learn dance from her.

Kanta and Bhavesh watch Anupama and Diksha doing dance steps and Kanta says that small beginnings also bring satisfaction later.

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