Anupama 18th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama 18th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama 18th August 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 18th August 2023 episode starts with Anuj and Anupama giving an earful of lecture to Romil for the behaviour that he presented in their absence.

Anupama calmly tells Romil that he should be able to do his own work most of the time while Anuj says that such a kingly attitude is not allowed in his house.

Romil huffs silently while Anupama asks him to calm down and says that he should show some respect to the people who are doing his work.

On Anupama's direction, Romil calls the house help staff with a mild voice and asks for a black coffee politely which makes Anupama smile and cheer Romil for his effort.

Anuj tells Romil that he has to clean the entire drawing room and restore it to the state it was before he and his friends messed it up which makes Romil angry.

Romil angrily picks up the glass bottles and Pakhi steps forward to help but Romil asks her to stay away while glaring at her.

After Romil leaves, Anuj reminds Anupama that she is forgetting her own appointment again and reminds her that she has to go to the cultural fest where she will perform.

Anupama remembers the event and thanks Anuj for remembering her schedule after which they walk away to prepare for the event and leave.

Meanwhile, Vanraj, Hasmukh, Toshu, and Samar share food happily together at the breakfast table and Vanraj seems very happy after the events of the previous night.

Vanraj's eyes meet Kavya's and he gets a bit silent but resumes his smile which makes Kavya feel a bit relieved while Leela and Kinjal come back from the market.

Kinjal tells Leela that the men are bonded together by talking the previous night which makes Leela happy to see everyone so happy and cheerful.

Leela offers a special kesar kheer to Kavya which she happily eats while Vanraj stares at her with a bit of soft eyes which turn blank as Kavya's words from the baby shower day pop up in his head.

As Leela is about to feed Samar a khakra, Dimple asks Samar to come with her as she has cooked breakfast for him and has not eaten herself yet.

Everyone gets silent as the mood becomes awkward but Samar holds onto Leela's hands and bites on the Khakra after watching Leela's sad eyes.

Samar says that he has always eaten from Leela's hands since childhood but Dimple gets offended and goes upstairs after leaving her cooked breakfast.

On the other hand, Pakhi comes into Romil's room and almost gets hit by the darts he was throwing at the dartboard.

Pakhi says that she is sorry for what and how things happened but Romil seems angry and asks her to leave, making Pakhi nervous.

Romil says that he has been scolded enough since last night and does not want any more lectures when Pakhi tries to explain to him that Anuj and Anupama would eventually know about his partying.

Pakhi asks Romil not to tell anyone about her and Adik but Romil asks her to leave the room while acting like he can spill the truth in anger.

Elsewhere, Anupama meets Vandana (from Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si) and gets impressed by her singing voice which stands out as a unique one.

Anupama gets to know about Vandana and prepares her for the performance while a man named Vaibhav calls Vandana and is revealed as her fiance.

Vandana and Anupama bond after a short talk and perform together on stage at the cultural fest after which Anupama gives her best regards to Vandana so that she can achieve her dreams.

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