Anupama 18th February 2023 Written Update

Anupama 18th February 2023 Written Update

Anupama 18th February 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 18th February 2023 episode starts with Anupama announcing that she has come there with her own will as her responsibility as a mother wants her to be with Toshu currently.

However, Anupama makes it clear that she needs to return to her own household as her original place is there with Anuj and their daughter.

Anupama addresses Leela and reminds her how she used to say that a woman’s most important place is their husband’s house.

Leela lowers her head in shame as Anupama says that Leela is a master at forgetting things so this time, she is laying the rules beforehand.

Anupama makes it clear that she has come to the Shah Household for a very small amount of time which will be over as soon as Toshu makes a slight improvement.

Anupama tells the Shahs that her daughter also needs her and Anuj is the most important person for her in this world, so she cannot leave them for long.

As Anupama leaves to meet Toshu, Hasmukh wonders if Anuj is happy after letting Anupama go like that again.

Meanwhile, Anuj comes into his room in an upset mood, trying to calm himself as he is fed up with Anupama always rushing there for her responsibilities.

Anuj searches for Anupama’s note but does not find one anywhere when Hasmukh calls him to ask about his condition.

Hasmukh admits that the Shah family is like a burden on his and Anupama’s shoulders which they cannot lift off even if they want to.

Anuj gets emotional hearing Hasmukh as he says that he understands how Anuj is also tied up with his role as a caring husband and it is okay to complain about things.

Hasmukh asks Anuj to tell him all the grievances that he has in his heart which makes Anuj shed tears and he makes an excuse of an office call to hang up.

Meanwhile, Anupama feeds Toshu while video calling Anu as she also eats with Maaya, laughing and enjoying her company.

Kinjal, Adhik, Samar, Pakhi, and Kavya come in to put pictures of Toshu and Pari together so that Toshu gets motivated to be healthy again.

At the same time, Maaya prepares breakfast for Anu and Anuj and confronts Barkha who has understood her intentions.

Barkha tells Maaya that she wants the entire Kapadia empire and Anuj now, along with Choti Anu but Maaya asks her to think whatever she wants as she does not owe an explanation to Barkha.

As Anuj comes to the breakfast table, Maaya gives the food to Anuj while Anuj silently eats.

On the other hand, Anupama asks everyone to get ready to clean the entire living room as from now on, Toshu will eat with them.

Anupama says that reshuffling things brings positive energy and gets engaged in changing the furniture making everyone busy.

Everyone dances happily along with Toshu as Anupama takes him outside in the neighborhood.

Later, Toshu tries to move his right arm so that he can take Pari in his arms but fails twice.

Anupama lets Toshu hug Pari after fixing a cloth around him and Pari to support the baby.

After everyone gets busy encouraging Toshu to get better, Anupama calls Anuj and learns how he and Anu are doing.

However, Anuj tells Anupama that he is busy and hangs up, leaving both in a sad and emotional mood.

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