Anupama 18th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 18th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj sleeping on a chair and he suddenly wakes up thinking about Anu while Toshu brings back Ishu and Hashmukh also comes along with them.

Kinjal looks after Ishu while Toshu offers water to Pakhi and Anu offers it to Hashmukh but Pakhi refuses to drink and she goes in front of Baapu ji and misbehaves with him.

Hasmukh asks for an apology from Pakhi but she refuses and says that she will never forgive him and says that due to his mistake today, Ishu was about to die.

She blames him in front of everyone which makes Baapu ji feel bad while Pakhi says that if she had done something wrong then everyone would have scolded her.

Pakhi ruthlessly lashes out at Baapu ji and asks him why can't he sit inside his room instead of interrupting between the things that are not meant for him which breaks his heart.

Hashmuk asks her to not say this while Pakhi asks him why didn't he ask Dimpy to give medicine to Ishu while Vanraj asks Pakhi not to say anything to Baapu ji as it is not good.

Pakhi does not listen to him after which Vanraj also takes a stand of Pakhi while Kinjal murmurs that both Vanraj and Pakhi are doing wrong and Anu asks Vanraj not to say anything to Baapu ji.

Anu asks him how he can say anything to Baapu ji and if Pakhi makes any mistake then everyone forgives her while Baapu ji made a mistake then who gave her authority to misbehave with Baapu ji.

Pakhi ignores her after which Kavya and Kinjal tell everyone that Pakhi ignores Ishu and asked her to go out of the room when she is coughing and crying in front of the other kids.

Anu gets angry over Pakhi and says that she is more responsible for the things that happened with Ishu after which Pakhi creates chaos while Vanraj gets angry and asks Bapu ji and Leela to not interrupt between Pakhi's matter.

He also asks Anu to not interrupt between his family matters after that Baapu Ji starts crying like a small baby which breaks Leela's heart and Baapu Ji considers himself responsible for it.

Anu feels bad while Hashmuk was about to have poison but Leela notices it and she throws away those medicines and asks him to never think of doing this thing again.

Meanwhile, Anu talks to Vanraj and asks him to talk to Baapu ji and Leela as they are completely broken while Vanraj asks her to not say anything and requests her to not show her fake concern.

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