Anupama 18th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 18th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj sitting lonely as he thinks about Anupama's birthday and sees her picture on his phone.

He blows off the candle for Anupama's birthday and sings the birthday song as he eats the cake and gets emotional.

He recalls Anupama's last birthday which they celebrated together.

The next day, Anupama prays to God as she says that she has to stay at Toshu's to get an idea of where Toshu is while Pari brings a card for Anupama as Kinjal and Pari wish Anupama happy birthday.

She sees her card while she thanks her as Pari goes to get ready for school while Leela and Vanraj come and wish her birthday.

Leela taunts her saying that she doesn't remember her birthday since she was away from them for five years while Anupama says that they didn't remember her birthday even when she was with them and recalls how Vanraj forgot her birthdays.

Meanwhile, Aadya asks Anuj what is the cake doing in his workroom while Anuj stays silent and she asks him not to go to Spice and Chutney to wish Anupama as she requests him to let the past be past.

She says that she needs Shruti in her life and hugs him while Anuj says that he is going to the office.

Shruti listens to all this.

Concurrently, Vanraj says that Anupama's boss did not send her any gift while Leela says that they pretend to care for her as Anupama asks them not to speak such things about them as Beeji is like her mother.

To this, vanraj asks what about Yashdeep while Anupama says that it is none of his business and asks him to call Toshu back.

In the meantime, Dimpy tells Kavya about the ring Titu gave her and Kavya becomes happy saying that destiny wants to bring them together.

They hug each other as Kavya asks her to take a break from the kitchen the next day.

Back in the US, Anupama got a surprise from the staff of the restaurant, Yashdeep and Beeji. She thanks them for taking out time of their busy lives as Yashdeep gives her a gift.

Meanwhile, Hasmukh makes custard for Anupama's birthday and gives it to Kavya and Dimpy as they wish her a happy birthday.

Elsewhere, Anupama finds the tea spice of her branding and gets happy while she wonders if this is a dream while Beeji says it's a god-gifted talent and they have just gift-wrapped it.

Subsequently, Hasmukh talks about Anupama as he gets emotional while Anupama still can't believe and they all party.

She wishes herself a happy birthday as Kinjal and Pari get ready for the birthday party as Vanraj refuses to go saying he doesn't have time for these trash parties.

Meanwhile, Anuj is in dilemma thinking if he should call Anupama, and finally calls her but it can't connect so he calls on the landline.

On the other side, Anupama finds a phone charger because her phone is dead and connects it while she gets a call on the landline as she picks it up but doesn't get an answer.

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