Anupama 18th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 18th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Toshu asking for tips from customer which gets noticed by Anu and she takes all the tips from him and asks him to take the orders from today instead of taking tips.

Later, he goes to take orders from the table where Kinjal and Pari are sitting but he gets hurt so he goes from there while Anu comes there and asks them what will they eat.

Meanwhile, Toshu spills the water on the customer after which Anu asks for an apology from them while other servants say that Anu is being biased with her son.

Pari meets Toshu and asks him to not get emotional as she knows that he does a servant's job over there after that he shows eyes to Kinjal and Anu and goes from there along with Pari.

After that, Kinjal asks Anu to remove Toshu from work because he will create chaos for her after which Anu decides to a strict action against him.

Toshu overhears their conversation and murmurs that he will break her pride soon whereas Vanraj tells Leela that he is doubting Titu so he decides to keep an eye over him.

Anu meets her fans after which she feels proud of herself when everyone gives her so much love and support while Toshu smirks.

Just then, Yashdeep comes there along with a surprise for Anu and asks her to see it on her own after which she unveils the surprise and notices her trophy while Yashdeep says that he wants everyone to take inspiration from her.

Anu feels special after that everyone claps for her while other workers also ask her to feel pride in her after that Yashdeep also asks Anu to always show off her skills because she is talented and well deserving of all the compliments of society.

Everyone cheers for her and motivates Anu after which she agrees to show off her success and she keeps her trophy near the display so that everyone can see it and have inspiration from it.

On the other hand, Baapu ji asks Leela why she kept the jewelry hidden in her box after saying that she has given everything to Dimpy that she has while Leela says that she is doubtful regarding Titu so still her doubts get cleared she won't give anything to Titu and Dimpy.

Just then, Titu comes there while Vanraj asks him what is he doing there along with Jalebi and Fafara Toshu brings a gift for Pari and Kinjal wants to give good news to Toshu.

Toshu is not interested in it after Kinjal tells him that she has received a promotion and pay hike which makes Toshu feel bad.

Pari shows off her gift which Kinjal bought for him and she does not unbox a gift that Toshu bought for her while Toshu blames Kinjal for everything.

Kinjal gets angry over him and mentions him as an insecure husband and says that she will earn more money and achieve more success.

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