Anupama 18th November 2023 Written Update

Anupama 18th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 18th November 2023 episode starts with Anuj asking Anupama why she did not call him earlier if she was feeling so stressed to which Anupama replies that she just couldn't speak to Anuj as she thought it would be burdensome.

Anuj hugs Anupama and tells her that she is so used to helping others that she does not even recognize when she needs help herself.

Anupama feels relieved in Anuj's arms and hears about Anu going to sleep after which Anuj asks her to leave the thoughts for the day and retire to rest a bit.

Anuj tells Anupama that the doctor has told him that Leela's condition is not that good but they will worry about it later after which Anuj asks Anupama for ice cream.

Meanwhile, Hasmukh continuously checks Leela's pulse and blood pressure and gets scared when he stops hearing the sleeping voice of Leela.

Hasmukh checks the pulse again and tells Leela that she is not allowed to leave him behind as it is he who will move to the afterlife first.

Anuj prepares a milk shake with ice for Anupama in the kitchen after which they enjoy it together and Anupama says that it is the best ice cream she has ever had, making Anuj laugh.

Seeing Anuj beside her revives Anupama's energy after which they retire for that night and discuss Leela's health with the doctor the next day.

The doctor checks the test reports and tells Anuj and Anupama that Leela's condition is not good as her heart is not pumping blood with more than 70 per cent blockage.

Anupama gets emotional on hearing the news while Anuj asks the doctor what they should do to which the doctor advises that they should take care of Leela as surgery is risky at her age.

After the doctor leaves, Toshu and Kinjal come to the living room with their luggage and Anuj asks Anupama to look at them as they are about to leave.

Everyone gathers in the living room after which Toshu and Kinjal come to Hasmukh first and take his blessings for their bright future.

Kavya assures them that she is there to take care of the family after which Kinjal wishes best of luck to both Kavya and Dimpy for their deliveries and babies.

Anuj gives some euros to Toshu and Kinjal and asks them to contact him if they need any help while Anupama's emotional side gets overwhelmed and she asks Toshu and Kinjal to live happily.

Talking to Pari, Anupama asks her not to forget them and study hard after she goes to school there.

As Toshu and Kinjal are about to leave after giving aarti, Leela comes out and asks them whether they are leaving without meeting her.

Leela sits and gives some critical advice to Kinjal and Toshu on finances and parenthood as they need to be responsible for themselves with no elder supervising them.

Kinjal and Toshu leave after which Anupama breaks down into tears completely with Leela hugging her.

Later, Leela tells Hasmukh and Anupama that she does not want to go to foreign ever as no one comes back from there once they leave.

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