Anupama 18th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 18th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 18th October 2023 episode starts with Anuj and Anupama trying to stop Vanraj from hurting Suresh while the entire scene gets recorded.

Meanwhile, the Shah family worries about Vanraj and waits for the arrival of Anuj and Anupama when they hear the sound of a car stopping but notice some adolescent students coming out.

Dimple says that they were Samar's students and receive flowers from them as they wish for Samar's soul to have peace after death, talking about how Samar was the best teacher they ever had.

She hears about the students taking back their names from the dance competition as Samar is no more but stops them saying that she will help them to practice and win.

Coming in front of Samar's picture, Dimple tells Samar that she will fulfil his dream of becoming a dancer and give destiny to his cause.

Everyone gets happy and supports Dimple in her decision but Leela asks Dimple why she took such a decision to which Dimple replies that she wants to fulfil Samar's dream.

Leela reminds Dimple that she is pregnant with Samar's child and she should not work very hard which endangers the baby in her womb.

Dimple says that she will be careful not to stress her health and will certainly take care of herself as she knows the importance of this baby in her life but Leela still does not seem satisfied with Dimple's decision.

Hasmukh says that they are all on Dimple's side and asks Leela to accompany Dimple to the dance academy if she is that concerned about Dimple.

Elsewhere, Malti Devi stops Romil from leaving the house, asking him why he did not go to college that day and questions him about where he is going.

Romil refuses to disclose the information to Malti Devi and asks her not to become his mother even though they all know what type of mother she is.

Malti Devi says that she is looking after the Kapadia house instead of Anupama as she is busy to which Romil says that Malti Devi cannot become Anupama.

Barkha gets happy to see Malti Devi reprimanding Romil and thinks well about her.

Meanwhile, Vanraj says that he will kill everyone in the car and Anuj gets the recording of Sonu's confession that the inspector managed to gather before he gets removed from the case.

After they reach home, Kavya asks Vanraj not to repeat what he did as she has no one else without him and they have their baby to look after.

Vanraj starts saying that it is not his baby and Samar is dead after which he goes back to his room and Anupama comforts Kavya.

Later, Anupama asks Anuj about the call but Pakhi interrupts the conversation by coming and hugging Anupama after which she tells her that she cannot become a mother ever in her life.

Anupama and others are shocked to hear the news but she comforts both Adhik and Pakhi, telling them that one can become a mother the moment they decide to do so.

On the other hand, Kinjal asks Toshu to tell the family about their shifting to the UK which Vanraj hears and asks Toshu not to leave him while hugging him tightly.

Toshu tells Kinjal that he cannot say such a thing to the family members as Vanraj will not be able to take the news mentally.

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