Anupama 19th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 19th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama returning home and realizing that the home feels empty while she recalls past hard moments and also recalls Aadya’s hurtful words.

She talks to herself, saying that she has lost a lot and has nothing to lose.

She only needs to win things but doubts her ability.

On the other hand, Toshu drives Pakhi to the airport while Toshu and Kinjal discuss their shift to India and get into an argument.

Pakhi distracts Ishani so that she doesn’t see this.

Meanwhile, Anuj thinks to himself that Anupama must be alone and feeling lonely as Shruti thinks that it is an appropriate time to give her order of Prashad.

Concurrently, Anupama motivates herself asking herself not to have any donuts while she receives Shruri’s text.

Back at Anuj’s home, Shruti tells Anuj that she is conducting the Pooja for their marriage and asks him to pray with all his heart.

He goes away while Aadya comes as she says that she sees no efforts from Anuj’s side which worries her.

At the same time, Kinjal and Anupama talk about how empty the home feels as Kinjal tells her that the goodbyes at the airport were very tough.

She sees Anupama cooking something and asks her about it when Anupama tells her that it is Prashad for the pooja at Anuj’s house.

Kinjal says that she shouldn’t be doing this since she was only supposed to cater at the wedding.

She further adds that Shruti is doing this intentionally because she is insecure about her.

In the meantime, Shruti receives Prashad while Aadya says that she needs to go to the school to submit her assignment but trips on the way.

They check on her and she says that she is fine and leaves while she falls again.

On the flip side, Anupama gets best wishes from Yashdeep and Beeji while Anuj sees the time and remembers that today is Anupama’s next round while he recalls that she is in the danger zone.

Subsequently, Anupama reaches the set where the judges explain the round and one of them sees Anupama nervous as he asks her if she is afraid already.

She says that she is not while the judge asks her not to be overconfident.

The judges give the contestants some ingredients and they need to cook from those ingredients only.

She uncovers the ingredients and sees that all the contents on the plate are unknown which worries her.

She recalls Vanraj making fun of her for not knowing international cuisine.

Meanwhile, at the pooja, Shruti wishes that Anupama leaves Anuj’s mind while Anuj is busy thinking about what must be going on at the set of Superstar Chef and wishes that Anupama wins.

Concurrently, Anupama gets all confused and demotivated when she hallucinates her family in the audience who motivate her while Anuj asks the priests to stop their mantra which shocks Shruti.

She asks him what is the matter when he apologizes and asks them to continue.

On the flip side, Anupama gathers her courage and gets back to cooking.

The time is up and she is done with it while she wishes that the judges like the dish. 

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