Anupama 19th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 19th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu and Devika discussing old age and how they adjust to the new generation who has forgotten their existence.

Anu tells Devika that when she hears Bapu ji's thoughts he thinks he has become a burden to the family shaking her soul and saying that they are blessed to see their great-grandchildren and Leela still looking after the kitchen.

She says that they do a lot of things for the Shah family but are also being scolded by today's kid and she starts crying recalling Pakhi and Vanraj's words that they don't want Baapu ji and Leela's interference with the things.

Bhavesh also supports Anu and says that they should take a step against such kind of kids as Pakhi while Anu says that she has done a lot for her family including Pakhi but she didn't learn good manners from her.

Meanwhile, Vanraj recalls Pakhi's words and feels suffocated after which Kavya comes there and asks him what happened after which he tells her that he is not able to breathe recalling the things that Pakhi said to Baapu ji.

Kavya says that no matter what Pakhi does not have any right to say anything to Baapu ji after which Vanraj says that Pakhi said all these things in anger as she does not mean it in actuality.

After that, Kavya tries to remind Vanraj that Pakhi never looks after Ishani it is she and Dimpy who are looking after Ishaani otherwise Pakhi don't even care about her.

She tells him that Baa and Baapu ji do a lot for kids and tells him a situation where if Toshu and Kinjal ask him to stay away from kids then what will be his reaction after which Vanraj thinks about it and feels bad.

Devika tells Anu that it will be better if old people prefer to stay away from their kids instead of listening to their bad comments every time and feeling bad for it after which Bhavesh also agrees with her points.

Anu says that they will think about it when they reach that point after that she says that soon Vanraj will recognize his mistake and rectify everything whereas Baa cries and they decide to leave the house after Dimpy and Titu's wedding.

Hashmuk cries and says that they should live according to others while Anu wonders if Baa and Baapu will be able to sleep or not then Anuj calls her and they discuss about it.

On the next day, Baa and Bapu ji avoid interrupting in other things after which Kavya and Kinjal ask them to not feel bad while Pakhi comes and scolds Ishaani for again going close to Baapu ji and Baa.

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