Anupama 19th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 19th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama receiving the call from Anuj on the other side as he remains silent and she says thank you without him wishing her a happy birthday.

Meanwhile, a staff member comes and takes her along saying that they are closed today Anuj wonders how she manages everything with so much going on.

He thinks that why can't he accept Anupama's decision of not staying with him and Shruti comes.

Concurrently, everyone dances and enjoys in the restaurant as Anuj asks her to rest while Shruti says that she has come to take him along as they are going somewhere.

Anuj says he has a lot of work to do but she takes him saying she is very happy and thus she needs to celebrate.

Elsewhere, Kinjal, Pari, and Leela come to the party she cuts the cake and Beeji applies cake on her face while Leela gives her money wishing her happy birthday.

Beeji gives her the bangles she had saved for her daughter-in-law but Anupama says that she won't be able to take this and returns it to her respectfully.

Later, Leela and Beeji dance as everyone joins them and they all enjoy themselves happily as Shruti and Anuj enter the restaurant.

Anupama is shocked to see them as she greets them and they wish a happy birthday to her.

Anupama asks Shruti how she is doing and she tells her that it will take time for her to get out of the trauma while she gives her the card of her wedding.

This leaves Anupama spellbound as she is unable to comprehend this while Shruti asks her to cater for her wedding as Anuj says that they are ruining her birthday party.

Shruti says that she wants everyone to come to the party and Anupama gets more and more uncomfortable as she gets worried.

Shruti says that it is her responsibility to bring everyone as she is related to everyone in the family.

She further adds that she has only Anuj and Aadya as her lifeline after the demise of her parents and holds Anuj's hand.

Leela sends Shruti away and asks Anuj to forget the past while Shruti asks Anupama if she won't congratulate her.

Anupama congratulates her while Anuj recalls his wedding with Anupama and their last moments while Shruti says thank you to them and feeds them cake with this good news.

Shruti and Anuj leave as she apologizes for interrupting the party while Anuj wishes her happy birthday once again.

Anupama goes to the room with the card as she recalls what Shruti said to her right now and replays the past moments of her and Anuj in her mind and sees the card.

She gets sad seeing the card and gets flashbacks of her and Anuj and starts to cry while Yashdeep sees her from outside as he knocks the door and she calls him in.

He has come to check on her as Beeji asked her to do while Anupama says that she is fine and Yashdeep asks her to share her problems and sadness as it will make her feel good.

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