Anupama 19th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 19th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu learning how to make an excel sheet and she learns how to do marketing and promotion of spice and chutney.

After that, Yashdeep asks Anu to go home and rest but she says that Adhya's birthday is coming so she has to arrange her gifts and she wants to give her the best gift.

Anu becomes happy and says that she wants to give all the happiness to her after that Yash says that he thinks her and Adhya's distance will reduce and she will accept her soon.

Meanwhile, Anu says that her destiny never allowed her to go close to Adhya and she says that the day when she will make space in Adhya's heart will be the day she will be the most happiest person on this earth.

Just then, she receives a text from Kinjal and says that she is proud of her as she received a promotion in her job whereas Titu brings gold jewelry for Dimple.

Everyone is shocked to see it after that Titu says that he bought all the gifts from his investments while Vanraj says that he is very clever and smirks.

Meanwhile, Pari helps Kinjal in her work when Anu comes there and she wishes her after that she says that she is happy for her.

Anu asks her to celebrate every achievement which brings a smile to Kinjal's face while Anu says that she has seen Kinjal working hard behind her promotion.

Pari also becomes happy after they dance when Toshu comes there and says that soon he will bring Anu down to earth.

Leela weighs the jewelry and wonders how Titu would have arranged such jewelry whereas Pakhi gets a video against Titu and she shows it to Vanraj.

Anu returns home and Anuj asks her what she did today and how things went after which she tells him everything whereas Shruti asks Anuj to focus on Adhya's birthday instead of wasting time.

Anuj tells Shruti that Anu knows everything related to Adhya after which Shruti tells her that Adhya wants a Bollywood birthday party theme and Anu asks if she can make a cake for Adhya.

Shruti says that she does not have any problem but Adhya can feel bad after that Anuj says that he wants Anu to make a cake for Adhya so she agrees to him and they recall Adhya's old birthday which makes Shruti feel bad.

After that, Anu goes from there and prays for Choti's happiness while Anuj shows an article that is printed in the newspaper and makes her feel happy.

On the other hand, Toshu's friend comes to Spice and Chutney after which he removes his uniform and asks the waiter to bring the order which makes Rahul angry whereas Toshu shows off in front of his friends that he motivates his mother to do so much in life and he demeans Yash while Anu and Yash overhears it.

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