Anupama 19th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 19th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 19th September 2023 episode starts with Anuj seeing the old file inside the cupboard and supposing that the file is the one that Anupama has brought from the Gurukul.

As Anuj is about to open the file and see the contents, Anu comes there and Anuj gets distracted after which he keeps back the file inside the cupboard and gets busy with his daughter.

Meanwhile, Anupama shows Malti Devi her Ghungroo and shakes it to produce the sound that brings back Malti Devi's memories with Anupama.

Malti Devi stares at Anupama and calls her by her name which makes Anupama happy but Malti Devi starts crying as she realizes how demonic she has been with Anupama this whole time.

Anupama tries to console Malti Devi by hugging her which gets spotted by Anuj while he stands outside the room and he wishes that Malti Devi gets healthy soon and leaves.

Anuj says that he has been feeling weird ever since Malti Devi arrived at their house after losing her memory.

Meanwhile, Kinjal does household work simultaneously with her office work when Leela comes to help but Kinjal asks her not to do any work and assures her that she will manage everything by herself.

Leela says that she can sit and work for a bit as lying on the bed has made her body stiffen but Kinjal asks her to let go of the plate and go for her walk to the temple.

Seeing Leela not listening to her, Kinjal says that she will call Anupama and complain to her which finally defeats Leela and she steps back.

Hasmukh and Vanraj enjoy the drama from the house entrance door while Hasmukh says that the reversal of roles is enjoyable to witness.

Leela asks them what they are whispering about to which Hasmukh replies that she should listen to Kinjal as she orders her.

Dimple comes downstairs and says that she has put Pari to sleep as she is crying while Leela taunts Dimple for acting normal for once.

Kavya prepares to go somewhere but Leela says that Vanraj should take her in the car as riding the auto is not good for the pregnancy.

At the same time, the Kapadias have their meal sitting together and Anuj says that it is good that Malti Devi is remembering things slowly.

Barkha asks Anuj and Anupama why they are thinking about a lady who tried to destroy them to which Anupama replies that everything comes down to second chances and Malti Devi also deserves one.

Pakhi changes the topic and talks about Anuj's birthday party planning which lights up the tension a bit.

Barkha suggests they lock Malti Devi during the birthday party as she can hurt herself or someone others like the previous night.

Anupama finds a photo of a baby in the file afterwards and comes to Malti Devi to show who recognizes that baby as her son and cries on seeing the picture.

Later, Anupama packs gifts for Anuj when he comes there to tell her that he has already seen the gifts the previous day, making Anupama angry.

Anupama and Anuj start to banter with each other and Anupama asks Anuj to become a statue as he tries to read her card.

After getting back the card, Anupama says that they are not playing statue statue after which Anuj chases after her and both of them get a bit romantic with each other.

However, Anuj's eyes fall on something and he asks Anupama to look at it by pointing with his eyes.

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