Anupama 1st April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 1st April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama thinking that she must try her best to save the restaurant.

She feels scared but stays determined to work for it.

Right then, she gets a notification on her phone while Yashdeep sits worried and Beeji comes.
she asks him to sleep as he talks to her about how strong Anupama is.

He tells her that despite having a heart this soft, she is brave enough to stand rigid in an adverse situation like this.

He further adds that Anupama has taught her to try hard no matter what and one's winning and losing is up to the almighty Beeji gets emotional and says that she is always there to support him in all his battles.

Meanwhile, Anupama goes shopping with Kinjal, Dimpy, Kavya, and Leela at one of Kinjal's friends' boutiques when leela wonders why is this place so empty, to which Kinjal tells her that it is a designer boutique and people come here for an appointment.

Anupama asks them why Dimpy seems so off when Kinjal tells her they were trying to tell Dimpy to choose the right thing but since she did not understand, they had to scold her a little.

Right then, Parul comes there and Kinjal introduces her to her family while she appreciates Anupama for the food she cooks Anupama praises her boutique and says that it looks very pretty.

Leela says that her boutique looks pretty but how does it matter if she has no good collection here, to which she says that they work on the quality and not on the quantity and take her to show the collection.

Concurrently, they all check out the outfit when Kinjal asks Anupama to buy a saree but she refuses saying it must be very costly she insists so she goes to try it.

On the other hand, Shruti is there along with Anuj and Aadya to shop for her wedding when Anuj selects a saree for her.

It turns out to be the same as the one Anupama is wearing which makes Shruti sad while Anupama is also in shock to see them there.

Subsequently, Pari and Mahi come there running as they greet Anuj, and analysis suddenly reminds them of the past when Anupama asks her to stay in the back seat as the car is about to fall.

She feels furious looking at them and Beeji comes there and they wish Shruti congratulations.

They leave from there and Anupama recalls her past and cries while Anuj feels Anxious.

On the flip side, Vanraj and Toshu discuss the land he is planning to sell and Toshu gets to know that he too will get a share.

Back at the shop, Anuj and Anupama recall their past.

Elsewhere, Benji consoles Yashdeep and asks him not to worry while he feels thankful to have his staff and he confesses that he has a special place for Anupama in his heart.

On the other hand, Anuj talks to Anupama when Aadya comes and takes him along saying sorry to Anupama for what she did earlier on the night of Holika Dehen.

Anupama feels good as she talked to her politely for the first time.

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