Anupama 1st December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 1st December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 1st December 2023 episode starts with Titu getting angry at the situation which is constantly making Dimpy suffer without it being her fault.

Titu starts dancing aggressively as he remembers how Vanraj warned him to stay away from Dimpy and Dimpy crying as she cannot take the burden of being questioned every time.

While dancing, Titu sits on the floor at the end huffing for air when Anupama enters the academy and passes her water bottle to Titu while understanding the situation.

Meanwhile, Dimpy thinks about going to classes but remembers how Vanraj had warned her the previous night which makes her hesitate.

Dimpy tells her baby that she is trying to be as happy as possible but no one wants her to smile in reality which is depressing.

Anupama helps Titu stand up when they sit across each other and start talking about the thing that happened the previous night.

Titu starts defending himself and Dimpy, saying that they are only friends and he took Dimpy to listen to music as she likes it but Vanraj has misunderstood the situation.

Anupama asks Titu to breathe first and tells him that she knows that he worries about Dimpy and has no bad intentions toward her but it needs to be understood that the way he and Vanraj think are different.

Titu must think Vanraj is wrong while Vanraj thinks that Titu is wrong which is because of the perception, adding that he must not lose his cool because of that.

Anupama tells Titu that Dimpy's situation is a lot more fragile and that it seems that he must give their friendship a bit more time to grow upon others with time passing on its own.

Titu understands the situation while Dimpy tries to talk to Vanraj or Leela but no one seems to listen to her when Kavya tells Dimpy that she needs to believe in Anupama for now.

Elsewhere, Barkha warns Malti Devi that she needs to do something before Anupama takes any action, leaving Malti Devi thinking about her next plan. 

Later, Anupama comes to a restaurant with Anuj, a skim him if he called her urgently to eat a meal together and Anuj replies with a yes.

Anuj attempts to be romantic and kisses Anupama on her hand while she complains about the cost of the food and reminds him about buying vegetables while going home.

Seeing Anuj get grumpy, Anupama apologizes and kisses Anuj's hand after which they witness a young girl scolding an old waiter who has mistakenly dropped water on her dress.

The girl splashes water on the old man's face and even tries to slap him when Anuj and Anupama intervene and ask the girl to behave a bit decently.

Anuj uses his power as a high-class businessman and asks the influencer girl to say sorry to the old man with whom she has behaved so badly.

The girl apologizes to the old man in front of everyone after getting threatened which makes Anuj and Anupama feel a bit relieved.

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