Anupama 1st February 2024 Written Update

Anupama 1st February 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 1st February 2024 episode starts with Anuj putting the phone to his ear as Anupama picks up his call but Anupama disconnects it realizing it is Anuj on the other side.

Elsewhere, Mahi comes happily to Hasmukh and Leela announcing to her that she is going to school while Hasmukh takes the photo for them. 

Just then Ansh and Ishaani also come there and Ansh pushes Mahi away. 

Vanraj comes there and Mahi jumps on his lap asking him how she looks while Vanraj stares at her. 

After which, Ansh pulls Mahi from Vanraj and tells him that only he has a right to sit in his lap.
Meanwhile, Anuj dreams about Anupama in which they are happily dancing with each other, and wakes up with a start. 

At the same time, Adhya looks at Anupama’s photo with hatred and tries to burn it with a lighter thinking that she kept it to hate her but now she wants to burn it. 

However, her lighter stops working as soon as Adhya brings it closer to the photo which angers her more and she prays that something happens that will make Anuj hate Anupama. 

On the other hand, Yash drops Anupama at Kinjal’s house and tells her to take a day off because of what happened today. 

However, Anupama tells him that at this point her work will keep her from thinking too much about her situation so she will not take a day off. 

Meanwhile, Toshu sees Anupama with Yash while he sees her off. 

Elsewhere, Vanraj asks Kavya why has she admitted Mahi to Ansh school when she knows how expensive that is.

However, Kavya tells him that he will not have to worry about Mahi’s school expenses as she can take care of it herself with her savings and investments.

On the other hand, Pari excitedly welcomes Anupama while Anupama gives her laddoo to eat while Kinjal apologizes to her for calling her on Pari’s insistence. 

Just then Ashutosh comes there and Anupama becomes awkward thinking about the last time she was there. 

Toshu greets her and tells her to come live with them as it must be difficult for her to come and go. 

He tells her to leave her job and come live with them but Anupama tells him sternly that she will neither leave her job nor will she come to live with them as she has seen her family change colors as per their liking and has learned the hard way that one has to be always independent if they want to live with respect. 

Toshu feels disappointed to hear Anupama’s refusal as he wants her as Pari’s babysitter and caretaker. 

Elsewhere, Anuj feels trapped in his situation because of Adhya’s threat and feels guilty for not being able to tell the truth to Shruti about Anupama but decides to tell Shruti. 

Later, Toshu asks Anupama where has she been for the past five years and neither has Anuj tried to find her. 

However, Anupama tells him that she has left her past behind and does not want to reminisce about it. 

Later, Anupama complains to Anuj for coming back into her life.

Meanwhile, Kavya tells Vanraj that she will take care of Mahi while Vanraj taunts her about talking big after getting a job. 

Just then Pakhi receives a legal notice from Adhik for Ishaaani’s custody which makes her angry and she vows to not let him get a glimpse of Ishaani.

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