Anupama 1st January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 1st January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 1st January 2024 episode starts with Anuj thinking about him and Anupama in the past as he sees the videos of Miss Joshi that Shruti shows him.

Shruti says that she did not know that Miss Joshi had such a big channel and so many followers, making her wonder why she works like that in a restaurant.

Anuj asks Shruti if she is sure that the woman in the video is the same woman with whom her luggage was exchanged earlier to which Shruti says that the voice is certainly different.

Still, she has recognised Miss Joshi by the bracelet on her hand.

Hearing Shruti makes Anuj restless inside and he thinks that he cannot control the storm inside his heart anymore.

Meanwhile, Anupama records a video in the restaurant's kitchen with the help of the staff members but resists as they try to record her face in the video.

Anupama says that she does not want to show her face in the video as she is not comfortable with which everyone agrees.

She completes the dish which she tags as something which makes the mood of angry/upset children good again.

As the video gets uploaded, Shruti sees it and tells Anuj that they need exactly that thing right now to convince their Aadhya after which they start making that food in a hurry.

Anuj follows the recipe without any further questioning while Aadhya lies still on the floor of her room with tears in her eyes as she never thought of encountering Anupama again in her life.

Elsewhere, Dimpy thinks about Kavya's words regarding her spending her life alone after which she stares at Titu's messages and thinks of contacting him.

With hesitation in her actions, Dimpy finally decides to call Teetu but hangs up before he can pick up after which Titu returns the call by ringing up Dimpy.

Dimpy picks up the call and Teetu says that he will not believe that Dimpy has called him by mistake.

Titu says that he wishes to meet Dimpy once before he goes away to Mumbai the next day to which Dimpy proceeds to reply but she hears Vanraj looking for Ansh around the house and gets reminded of her reality.

Dimpy tells Titu that she does not wish to keep any contact with him as her father-in-law does not like her talking to any men after which Dimpy asks Teetu to never call or message her again.

Teetu agrees to do so and hangs up while Anuj and Shruti get ready with the food and Shruti mistakenly plays her mother's voice message asking about her marriage.

Shruti says sorry to Anuj for that message as her parents are desperate after which Anuj tells her they can proceed with the wedding when they return to India after two months.

Meanwhile, Anupama starts coughing at work after which Yashpal catches everyone badmouthing him, making him angry but Vivek distracts him by showing him Anupama's channel.

Anupama later spots Yashpal getting scolded by his mother and prepares tea for her to which the mother says that tea has something special in it.

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