Anupama 1st June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 1st June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj deciding which kurta to wear to Titu and Dimpy's wedding but he gets confused about which to wear.

Then, he dreams of Anu over there helping him in deciding which one to wear which makes Anuj happy and he murmurs that he felt happy after living with her under the same roof for five years.

He says that the reason for him to go to Dimpy's wedding is that he will again get to meet her after that he imagines Anu telling him that after Titu's wedding, he has to marry Shruti.

Anuj becomes sad and says that he don't want to recall this thing after that he realizes that he was dreaming Anu around him and he hears Adhya telling Shruti to keep the arrangements ready over there so that after coming back there is no delay in his wedding.

On the other hand, the Shah family does the preparation for pooja and Dimpy gets ready and says that she is looking good just because of Titu's love after that she recalls that she called Titu last night but he didn't receive the call.

After that, she asks about him and from other family members but everyone says that he would have been sleeping that's why he is getting late Titu comes there and recalls that he was about to meet with an accident.

He murmurs that he has to talk about this with Vanraj because he thinks Vanraj is responsible for it whereas Dhillon meets Gulati and Gulati tries to manipulate him against Anu by saying that Anu does not feel bad as she has gone to enjoy the wedding.

Gulati asks Dhillon to allow him to open his restaurant over there whereas pooja begins in the Shah family while Vanraj says that who will perform pooja on Titu's behalf after which Baapu ji says that kids will come in baraat from Titu's side.

Then, Leela asks Titu and Dimpy to lighten up the diya and it should be lightened till their wedding whereas Titu asks Dimpy why didn't she receive the call then she tells him that she was busy with Leela and Kavya.

Titu asks her to meet him at midnight then she asks him if everything is fine or not while Yash tells Gulati that Spice and Chutney is an emotion for him and Anu and it won't get closed at any cost.

Gulati taunts Yash for dreaming so big and he goes from there by wishing luck to him whereas Leela says that she wants to conduct Ansh's mundun tomorrow after that they will do Titu and Ansh's janeau together.

Vanraj makes fun of Titu while Kavya scolds Toshu for not behaving well whereas Anu lands in India and she feels good after returning to her country.

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