Anupama 1st May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 1st May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 1st May 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 1st May 2023 episode starts with Anuj cutting the call with a soft smile playing on his lips while Maya looks scared.

At the same time, Anupama rushes to lord Krishna to say thank you for bringing Anuj back, and except for Leela and Vanraj, everyone seems happy for Anupama.

Maya's other attempt

Anuj on the other hand narrates that he was waiting to explain his truth so now the clouds which were awaiting to rain, have rained when Pakhi comes forward to hug Anuj.

Pakhi excitedly says that she knew Buddy and Anupama cannot stay away from each other so Anuj should return to Anupama the next day only and Anuj nods with a smile.

Maya however suddenly announces that Anuj cannot go the next day causing Anuj and Pakhi to turn around in shock.

She clarifies that the next day there is a parent-teacher meeting at Anu’s school so Anuj has to go there but Pakhi disagrees, saying that small things like parent-teacher meetings or exams don’t matter in front of this.

Maya twists Pakhi’s words, claiming that every little thing in a girl’s life is important to a father and Anuj walks away from there.

As soon as Anuj leaves, Pakhi urges Maya to stop doing her cheap tricks as these kinds of women are called homewreckers, and husband stealers and Maya also falls into the same categories.

New Drama at Shah house

In Shah’s house, Hasmukh tells Anupama that love is like a river that keeps flowing from Anupama’s heart to Anuj’s heart.

Turning around, Anupama notices Vanraj and Leela sulking in the living room so she comes forward, asking why Leela and Vanraj are objecting to Samar’s marriage with Dimpal.

She goes on to say that everyone in this house has married of their choice yet they are depriving Samar of this choice.

Anupama also claims that Dimpal has behaved very rudely with her yet she does not mind Dimpal marrying Samar so Leela should also give her blessing to Samar and Dimpal.

Just then, Vanraj questions Anupama if Anuj really loved her then why left in the first place to which Anupama replies that Vanraj is like an old grandfather whose needles are stuck in one place only.

She states that she has full faith in Anuj and his love so Vanraj does not need to intervene while Vanraj says that Anuj’s love is not strong enough as he went to Mumbai without Anupama.

Leela interferes saying that Anupama should stop Anuj’s Puran now, instead, they should focus on the current topic.

Anupama sternly replies that it is Vanraj who keeps reciting Anuj puran always when Kavya also announces that a relationship is based on trust. 

Leela gets furious upon hearing this, resulting in her arguing with Kavya, who in return announces that if Leela stops, she will stop as well and Anupama urges both of them to close their mouths.

Vanraj again announces that these two always keep arguing with each other so even if they get married, there is no guarantee these two will fight for their marriage.

Hearing this, Anupama remarks that if Mr. Shah tries he can speak some logical sentence so he should keep it up and Vanraj states that if children are disciplined then a father can sell his kidney for the child’s marriage.

He goes on to say that he will not spend his hard-earned money on Samar’s marriage as he has to take care of his parents and other family members.

Anupama also informs Samar and Dimpal that getting married is easy but it is hard to continue the marriage so they should be prepared.

At the same time, Leela says that the bride’s side of the family should also contribute since it is a birthday party and Anupama announces that she will arrange the money.

Dimpal however declines Anupama’s offer claiming that Anuj will take of the wedding and then Samar and Dimpal both apologize to Anupama for being rude.

Both Dimpal and Samar grab Anupama’s feet one by one to praise her for always being there.

Hearing Dimpal’s apology, Leela cleans her ears as she cannot believe it.

On the other hand, Anuj thanks lord Ganesha for showing his right path while Maya listens to him from afar with a panicked expression.

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