Anupama 20th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 20th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with  Anuj and Shruti doing pooja while he wishes to God not to let Anupama’s dream break.

Meanwhile, the time is up and the judges taste the dish made by her while she is very nervous.

They eat the dish and do not like it at all while the judges say that they feel like puking and are instantly eliminated.

It turns out to be her imagination when one of the judges congratulates her for making the tastiest dish of the day.

Back at Anuj’s place, the pooja is done and the priest says that now their wishes will come true and he needs to leave.

Anuj offers to drop them and tells Shruti that he has to go somewhere where he might not be reachable.

Concurrently, the judges appreciate Anupama for making the dish without knowing the ingredients while she says that food has no language so she somehow figured out what to cook.

She gets happy when they say that she is safe and thanks god for it.

Later, she calls Kinjal and tells her the good news while she asks what she cooked.

She says that she will tell later and disconnects the call, thinking to give herself a little treat.

She goes to the cafe and orders herself a cappuccino and a chocolate muffin.

She is about to have the muffin just when a girl from her behind stands up pointing at the news, feeling pity at the news which says that there has been a shootout at a school which turns out to be Aadya’s and Pari’s.

She is taken aback and her life with Aadya and Pari is reminded to her.

She instantly leaves for her school while Shruti also panics seeing the news.

At the school, Anupama tries to go in but she is not allowed to.

She tries to contact Kinjal but there is no network which worries her more.

She shows Pari’s picture to a teacher, asking her if she is inside and the teacher says yes.

Just then, Shruti reaches there, all panicked and worried and she gets angry at the authority.

She sees Anupama and hugs her while Anupama tries to calm her down while Shruti tries to connect to Anuj but in vain.

Anupama asks Shruti to call Kinjal when they hear the sound of shooting.

This worries them and they ask the police to take action ASAP.

Anupama hears a reporter saying that there might be a chance all the students are dead which infuriates Anupama and she shouts at her for spreading the wrong news among the parents.

Just then, the police ask the captor to surrender but he says that he doesn’t trust the police.

Inside the school building, Aadya comforts Pari while they both are scared.

Both the captors talk to each other when they hear choppers while Pari says that if Anupama was hear, she would have saved them.

Aadya recalls how Anupama chose Pari over Aadya when one of the captors visited them.

Meanwhile, Anuj gets the news and leaves for the school.

On the other hand,  the police do a countdown and wait for the captain to come out. 

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