Anupama 20th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 20th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 20th December 2023 episode starts with a leap of 5 years taking place and the setting changing to the city of Vadodara.

A boy comes to deliver groceries and milk to a house and an anxious woman opens the door slightly to receive the things from him.

The boy says that Miss Joshi makes his day by making her chocolates every day after which the woman gives him the bag of lunchboxes for the old ladies at the old age home.

Without showing her face, the woman locks the door while the boy leaves wondering why Miss Joshi does not show her face at all to others.

Miss Joshi turns out to be none other than Anupama who lives alone in the house with an anxious mind.

Meanwhile, the Shah house has changed very much with the house getting renovated into a more grand one while Vanraj appears with his tablet to discuss office work.

Leela sits on her swing with her great-grandson, Ansh, who is Dimpy's little son while she keeps a watch on Dimpy who works in the kitchen.

Dimpy brings the tea while Leela starts giving her taunts and does not take the cup as she ignores Dimpy who stands in front of her.

Ansh runs to Vanraj, telling him that he does not want to go to school to which Vanraj says that Ansh should do whatever he wants.

Dimpy says that Ansh does not do his homework at all which is why his teacher has called his parents to the school.

Ansh cutely tells Vanraj that he does things but there was a bit left on the last day.

Hasmukh states that they should scold Ansh a bit as he is getting naughtier with each day while Vanraj comments that Ansh is not to be blamed and he will attend the meeting as always.

Vanraj tells Kavya and Dimpy to prepare well for the next day's puja after which Hasmukh asks if they can call Anupama which leaves everyone silent.

Leela says that they have had no relationship with Anupama for the past 5 years and they should not ask about her when she does not care.

Meanwhile, Anupama is seen to be the owner of a famous YouTube cooking channel and shows a traditional recipe from her lonely kitchen.

A knock on her door makes her nervous but she quickly opens the door after hearing Devika's voice from outside.

Devika comes inside and hugs Anupama after which she asks Anupama to stop living in a cage and instead fly to America where she has got Anupama a job in a restaurant.

Anupama says that she is fine with the way she lives while Devika says that Anupama's world has not ended after Anuj and her divorce.

Kavya and Dimpy watch Leela and Vanraj adoring Ansh when Dimpy asks Kavya to call her son back from the hostel while Kavya asks Dimpy to get together with someone, reminding her about Tapesh.

Devika says that Anupama will fly the next day as she is going to fulfil her dream of going to America but Anupama does not seem confident.

Later, Devika tells Hasmukh about meeting Anupama and Hasmukh says that Anupama will surely go to America as that place has been calling for her for years.

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