Anupama 20th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama 20th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama 20th July 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 20th July 2023 episode starts with Barkha meditating and Ankush commenting that Barkha's all peace has been ruined by Anupama's return now.

Ankush says that Barkha must have thought that with Anupama leaving the country and Anuj busy with Anu, she and Adhik would rule over the Kapadia empire but their plan failed miserably.

Barkha says that it is all because of Anupama and her habit of being great all the time which is very irritating to bear.

Ankush tries to explain to Barkha how Anupama sacrificed such a big thing for her child but Barkha says that she does not care and asks Ankush to shut up.

Seeing Anupama doing so much for a child she does not even give birth to, Ankush gets emotional about his illegitimate son whose legal father is also helpless for him.

Meanwhile, Samar returns to the Shah house and meets Leela and Hasmukh who ask him how he returned one week earlier from the workshop to which Samar remains silent.

Leela says that Dimple must have told Samar everything over the phone even though they asked her not to do so.

Samar says that it is okay and he would go to talk to Anupama if something can be done when Vanraj comes and says that nothing can be done now.

Toshu enters the house and says that Dimple has already done what she could do to ruin everything while showing the newspaper to the family members with the news about Malti Devi and Anupama.

Vanraj reads that Dimple has given a statement that Anupama has broken the contract with Malti Devi and made a huge loss of her.

Leela says that she already knew that Dimple does not know anything else except to break the household but Dimple appears and says that she did nothing wrong as she spoke the truth only.

Dimple says that the media called her and she just told them what happened as it is while Kavya says that Dimple could not give her comment as well.

Toshu instigates Samar to show his anger on Dimple after which Samar goes to his room to talk to Dimple.

At the same time, Anupama decorates the whole living room with pink for a princess-themed party for Anu and Anuj appreciates her efforts wholeheartedly.

As Pakhi comes to call Anu downstairs for the party, she spots Anu watching Maaya's photo with an upset face and tells her that Anupama has prepared a surprise for her.

Anu comes downstairs and gets dressed in pink as a princess which Anupama and Anuj as the king and queen after which they start dancing along with Pakhi and Ankush.

Barkha and Adhik watch the party from the stairs and go back upstairs while the rest of the family enjoy making Anu smile together.

Anupama promises Anu that she will never leave her and always be with her making Anu happy.

Meanwhile, Malti Devi finds a photo of Anupama with Anu in Anupama's luggage and sees the news in the newspaper after which she says that she will snatch the thing from Anupama for which she betrayed her.

Anupama also watches the news in the newspaper and gets shocked to think how Malti Devi would react after seeing that.

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