Anupama 20th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 20th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Devika pulling Anuj's leg seeing him following Anu and her which makes him feel awkward.

After that, she gives them some private time but Anu feels uncomfortable and she is not able to look in Anuj's eye whereas Devika makes their video and prays to god for reuniting Anu and Anuj.

Anuj helps Anu in carrying the vegetable bags whereas Adhik comes to take away Ishani from Pakhi forever which surprises her and she gets shocked while Pakhi argues with him and asks him to go away from there.

Vanraj asks Adhik to go away from there but he scolds her and says that she is not a good mother for Ishaani and he does not feel that Ishaani is safe with Pakhi after which she is about to blame Hashmuk.

Adhik yells at her and asks her to not cross her limits and to stop blaming Baapu ji and he warns Pakhi from coming his way and he terrifies her and says that he will tell this thing in court which will help him gain custody of Ishaani.

Anu and Anuj also come there and they notice Adhik and Pakhi fighting with each other whereas Vanraj holds his collar after that Adhik says that he will also take strict action against him.

Meanwhile, Anu tries to convince Adhik to not take away Ishaani as other members of the family love Ishaani and will look after her but Adhik says that he trusts other people but not Pakhi.

Pakhi thinks that Anu has told Adhik about it after which she yells at her and asks her why she informed Adhik about it then Anu asks her to stop the drama and she tells her that she didn't tell him anything.

Anyhow, Pakhi does not believe in him after that she curses Anu and says that she hates her after that Adhik scolds Pakhi for misbehaving with Anu and not taking proper care of Ishaani.

Just then, Toshu also interrupts in between and asks Adhik to not say anything to Pakhi after which Adhik asks him to stay away from the matter but Toshu does not listen to him and is about to fight with him.

Shah's kids express their grief and say that their parents do not live happily like another happy family after which they pray to god to improve all the things while Adhik asks Shah's family why are they supporting Pakhi in wrong things which is meant to be improved.

Adhik expresses his grief and says that he is also going through a bad phase which does not mean that he can hear anything after that he hugs Anuj and goes from there.

Vanraj scolds Pakhi and goes inside his room where he feels bad and cries after which Mahi comes and wipes off his tears which makes Vanraj feel good whereas Anuj and Anu look after the arrangement of the wedding.

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