Anupama 20th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 20th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Toshu misbheaving with waiters at the cafe which raises Anu's temperature and she spills the glass of water over him in front of his frineds.

Meanwhile, Kavya tells Dimpy that she is lucky to have a lover like Titu while Dimpy tells Kavya that she likes all the gifts given by Titu which reminds Kavya of her old good days that she spent with Vanraj which brings tears to her eyes.

Dimpy tries to console her after that Kavya tells her that she just wants Vanraj to accept her daughet then she tells Dimpy that she will do her makeup for her wedding.

After that, Dimpy asks her to do it as a side bussiness along with grooming models while Kavya says that it is not the age to do all these things so Dimpy tells her that she can learn anything at any age.

On the other hand, Anu lashes out Toshu in front of his frineds and tells them that he works a waiter over there after that she asks Toshu to ask for an apology from Yashdeep sir, Vikram and Rahul.

Toshu feels bad while asking for an apology from them after that Anu asks Toshu to clean the table on which he was sitting along with his friend so he follows her instruction and cleans the table.

He recalls how Anu misbehaved with her while Anu ask for an apology from Yashdeep and askshim to remove from the job if he wants.

Yashdeep asks her to not take any burden over herself while Anu says that Toshu is very immature and she is worried that how will he take care of his responsibilty then Yash asks her to not worry.

He assures Anu that with time Toshu will learn everything after that he shows Anu's photo in front page which makes Anu happy.

After that, he asks Anu to handle the restuarent day after tomorrow as a big and a renowend guest is coming after which Anu recalls that then Adhya's birthday is also there.

She accepts the challenge and says that she will complete the task while Shah family decides to print the card for Dimpy's wedding.

Meanwhile, Toshu return to house and he gets angry and throws away things here and there which distracts Kinjal and client cuts the call after which Kinjal yells at her.

Toshu also yells at her and says that she and Anu are making his life hell ehich leads to an argument between them whereas Kavya tells Shah family that she is going to do course in skin care.

Baapu ji and Dimpy supports her while Vanraj makes weird faces whereas a foreigner guest comes at Anu's cafe and praises her cooking skills which makes Anu happy and she returns home while dancing.

Anuj meets her and asks her the reason of her happiness after which she shares her happiness with him after that she assures Anu that she will do everything related to Adhya's birthday surprise. 

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