Anupama 20th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 20th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 20th September 2023 episode starts with Anuj and Anupama staring in one specific direction and getting serious as they spot something.

Anuj points outside the room and Anupama spots Malti Devi standing confused outside while she paces back and forth.

Anupama comes to Malti Devi and asks her what the problem is to which Malti Devi replies that she came out of her room as she was feeling stuffy but now she cannot find her room again.

Smiling gently at Malti Devi, Anupama says that she will take her back to her room but Pakhi comes and says that she will lead Malti Devi, making Anupama happy.

Anuj notices Malti Devi staring at him again with fixed eyes and tries to avoid the gaze but Malti Devi continues to stare at him until she passes by him and walks away.

Before Anupama can say anything, Anuj says that he knows what Anupama would say and tells her that he does not like Malti Devi staring at him in the way she does.

Anuj says that he feels uncomfortable for some reason but Anupama asks Anuj to leave those things and stay happy for that day as they are having his birthday party.

Anupama tells Anuj that she will go to the orphanage and hand them over the donation from his end as he does every year for which Anuj feels grateful.

Anuj says that he feels good whenever he does something like that and thinks that he could do something good for those children.

Getting a bit emotional, Anuj tells Anupama that he wishes that no child had to live like an orphan even though they have their parents and parents should not give birth to a child if they do not plan to raise them.

Anupama calms down Anuj and gets ready to leave for the ashram when she finds that baby's picture lying on the bed and mistakenly puts it in her bag.

Pakhi makes Malti Devi lie in her bed and is about to leave when she asks Pakhi what those decorations are for and Pakhi replies that they are celebrating Anuj's birthday.

At the same time, Romil bumps into Adhik while working and tells him sorry but Adhik tries to instigate Romil.

Romil says that he does not want any drama because of them and stays silent when Pakhi comes there with Anu and divides the responsibilities between the two of them.

Meanwhile, Leela says that she will dance heartily at Anuj's party as she has not celebrated anything for a long time to which everyone agrees.

Vanraj and others talk about how no one knows Anuj's real birthday and how Anuj has turned his fate by working hard all his life.

Dimple looks pale as she comes downstairs and Leela taunts her for always relaxing and sleeping but Dimple does not lose her cool.

Hasmukh warns everyone that no drama should happen because of them at the party when suddenly the lights flicker in the house.

Later, Anupama comes to the orphanage and greets the lady there saying that she has come to give the donation cheque on behalf of Anuj as he is a bit busy.

While giving the cheque, the picture of the baby falls down and the lady asks Anupama how she has that picture and even recognizes Malti Devi.

Anupama asks that lady how she knows Malti Devi and where the baby is currently, to which the lady says that Anupama knows the answer herself and tells the whole story.

Elsewhere, Anuj meets the Shah family and they start the party by playing games as Anuj insists the real party start after Anupama returns.

Malti Devi spots Anuj laughing and playing with others from a corner and feels pleasant.

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