Anupama 21st June 2023 Written Update

Anupama 21st June 2023 Written Update

Anupama 21st June 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 21st June 2023 episode starts with Anupama preparing to leave the house with everyone standing silently in an awkward position while Dimple texts Barkha about her and Samar getting out of the house.

Barkha gets shocked to hear about Dimple and Samar leaving the Shah house and fears that they would come and settle there in the Kapadia mansion which she does not want at all.

Dimple reads Barkha's message about not leaving the Shah house at any cost and says sorry to Anupama as she is going out of the house.

Coming forward, Dimple says that she has no control over her anger and said many offensive things in the heat of the moment but she does not want to leave the house at all.

Dimple says that she has lost family once and does not want to lose it once more but Anupama asks Dimple to apologize to Leela as this house belongs to her and she misspoke to her only.

Coming to Leela, Dimple repeats her apology and says that family is very important for Samar and her too and she would not repeat such a thing again.

Everyone stays silent but a delivery boy comes at the door and breaks the awkwardness after which Toshu goes and receives the parcel.

Toshu says that the parcel is from Barkha which states it as Pagphera Shagun and that topic helps to clear the atmosphere.

Dimple asks Leela to forget everything and move forward with the Pagphera ritual when Barkha calls and tells Leela to send Dimple with Samar or Pakhi.

As Leela asks Barkha how she knows about Pakhi being in the Shah house, Dimple says that she told Barkha so that the elders can decide the best.

Anupama says that if the fight has got resolved there, then it is a good thing but if such a thing happens again, then she would return from America and throw out Samar and Dimple from the house.

Meanwhile, Anuj remembers Anupama's words toward him and notices that the clock is past 12 which means that there are only 5 days left before Anupama leaves him.

At the same time, Samar tells Dimple that she did the right thing by saying sorry at the end and resolving things between her and Leela.

However, Dimple thinks that she needs to reevaluate her plan with Barkha once.

Vanraj goes with Anupama to drop her off at home and tells Anupama that he understands why Anuj chose Maaya over his love after watching Maaya at the event earlier.

Anupama says that she loves Anuj more than anything in this world to which Vanraj asks her how she can love a person that much.

Anupama replies to Vanraj that such love only resides for Anuj and asks him about his relationship with Kavya.

Vanraj says that things are getting better as he and Kavya are talking instead of fighting for once and he wants her to come home as soon as possible.

Wishing each other all the best, Anupama and Vanraj are about to bid farewell to each other when Vanraj tells Anupama that he is sorry for blocking Anupama from going to America years ago.

Anupama says that she does not want to go away with any burden in her heart and tells Vanraj to forget what is past.

The next day, Leela prepares for the ritual of Pagphera and Anupama comes to send off Dimple to the Kapadia house.

Leela gives Dimple ladoos made by her and Anupama does her aarti after which she, Pakhi, and Samar leave the house together.

Meanwhile, Anuj asks Maaya to go and rest but Maaya says that she is sorry for what she did and she is fine now.

Anuj says enough is enough and asks Maaya to go inside her room and rest as others are there to handle things.

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