Anupama 21st March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 21st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj gesturing something to Anupama as they both cry while he offers her a rose and wishes her happy birthday and she says thanks to him.

He asks him to promise him that she will always be happy and fulfill all her motives and desires as Vanraj sees them from outside while Anuj gestures that he is leaving as Anupama asks him to be happy.

He leaves and says bye to her while she looks at the rose and broken trust can never be built again.

She further adds that it's not important for a story to end up exactly the way they want and Vanraj sees her from outside as she looks at the time and brings it close to her and goes.

Meanwhile, Vanraj taunts her saying that Anupama's day was full of ups and downs while she tells him that his talks and words are worthless to her.

He offers to bring Anuj in sarcasm while she says that if he wants to bring anyone then he should bring Toshu.

Leela asks them to shut up and not do this drama in front of the family members tomorrow while she gets happy to know about it.

She and Kinjal go into the kitchen while Leela asks Vanraj to stay careful of his words since there will be a lot of work and can't do that.

On the other hand, Anuj reaches home and sees Shruti teaching Aadya while she thanks him saying that she is doing great by marrying Shruti as he recalls Shruti giving the card to Anupama while Aadya leaves.

He tells her that he had gone to meet Anupama to get closure while Shruti says that she shouldn't have given the card to Anupama this way while Anuj Says it's fine.

She asks him if he is happy with this wedding while Anuj says that she is his best friend and the best mother for Aadya And he couldn't go wrong with it.

He leaves as Shruti says that one day she will be more to him as she promises to him and Anuj.

Meanwhile, Anupama and Kinjal talk to each other that they will be meeting the family after a long time as Kinjal asks her what she should say if they ask about Toshu as Vanraj talks to Toshu as he calls him back saying that Anupama is still adamant about her decision and they should talk to Anuj about it.

Toshu asks him to manage things some time and he needs a little more time and disconnects the call while Kinjal asks her to stay here as everyone is coming.

She says that she will stay till she can buy not on the cost of her job and dance. The next day, everyone waits for the family to arrive as they all come and Anupama is very happy to see Hasmukh and seeks his blessings.

They both cry and get emotional while he gets angry at her for not calling him in years as she asks him to come inside first.

She does his Aarti and scolds him for not taking the medicines regularly. He meets everyone while she seeks his blessing and introduces him to Pari.

Just then, Pakhi comes and meets Kinjal.

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