Anupama 21st May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 21st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu enjoying her day after returning from work and she joins the kids in playing games along with them.

Meanwhile, Yash's Bebe is worried after which Yash asks her what happened then she asks him why he didn't tell her before proposing to Anu.

Then, he tells her that he wants to give a surprise to Anu after that Bebe says that she is worried that their success won't slip from his and Anu's hands.

She asks him to do things slowly and don't open the new branch right now and focus on one branch first but Yash says that he is just trying to grab the opportunity so that they can expand in America.

Yash says that due to Anu's hard work today, they can open a new branch soon but he asks Bebe to not tell about it to Anu as he wants to give a surprise to Anu.

He tells Bebe that he has taken a heavy risk to take a loan to open a new branch and now he is targeting just to achieve the American star so that their restaurant gets recognized by everyone.

On the other hand, Anu meets her staff and instructs them to do proper things tomorrow after that Toshu comes there and wishes morning to her and behaves well to her which surprises Anu.

Yash also comes there and they smile after that seeing the sweet gesture from Toshu whereas Mahi asks Kavya why didn't she tell her about the beauty course Kavya tells her that she wanted to take blessings of elders that's why she told Baa and Bapu ji first.

Mahi gives her a gift which brings tears to Kavya's eyes after that she says that she is blessed to have a daughter like Mahi whereas Anu prays to god to look after things tomorrow.

Anu says that she wants to do the best tomorrow whereas Toshu smirks and murmurs that tomorrow Anu will get to see the real things.

Meanwhile, Vanraj meets a stranger who tells him that he knows every truth about Titu Anu gets tired from work after that she motivates herself to work more.

Yash praises Anu for being positive every time after that Anu says that she is going to clean the kitchen as it is her place of worship whereas that stranger tells Vanraj he is Titu's old friend and they know each other very well.

He manipulates Vanraj against Titu and says that he has become arrogant after becoming rich then he asks Vanraj to give money to him then only he will tell the truth to him.

On the other hand, Shruti asks Anuj to keep Anu away from Adhya on her birthday after which Anuj says that she is her mother so how can he keep her away from her?

Just then, Adhya comes there and says that she does not want Anu to come there to her birthday party which makes Anuj worried he will receive a call from someone so he goes to receive it whereas Mr. Gulati comes to Spice and Chutney and wishes them all the best for their food critic review and indirectly ask Anu to work in his restaurant.

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