Anupama 21st November 2023 Written Update

Anupama 21st November 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 21st November 2023 episode starts with Anuj entering the house and Anupama hugging him tightly which leaves him surprised.

Anuj asks Anupama what the matter is but Anupama does not give a direct answer and continues to tell herself that nothing bad will happen to them.

The next day, Titu comes to meet the Shahs and greets Hasmukh as he sits outside with his leg on the table due to pain from the muscle pull.

Hasmukh tries to ignore the topic about his leg but Titu asks him to tell him about it as he has worked quite a lot with senior citizens.

Titu takes a look at Hasmukh's leg and massages it at angles which makes Hasmukh feel a lot better after which he thanks Titu for his help.

Dimpy comes and asks Titu why he has come to her house to which Titu says that he did not wish to come here but the dance academy is locked which is why he needs the keys.

Titu is shocked to hear that the dance academy will be closed for some days as Dimpy will be busy looking after Leela.

Kavya tells Dimpy not to compromise her work but Dimpy says that she does not want Leela to lose her cool again because of the same reason.

Titu says that he can handle things on his own and will not charge anything extra for that after which Dimpy gives him the keys and he leaves.

Meanwhile, Anuj greets Anupama in the kitchen and decides to visit Hasmukh and Leela once before he goes to the office.

Anupama hands him some food items to give the Shahs along with his lunch after which they talk about how Leela and Hasmukh must have felt by experiencing such a thing.

After Anuj leaves, Barkha instigates Malti Devi by telling her that Anupama sends so many things to the Shah family and treats Anuj as some house help.

Later, Anupama sits with Ankush to talk about business matters while Barkha and Malti Devi stare at them with spears in their eyes.

Anuj enters the house and tells Anupama that he has made a big decision to stop Anupama's continuous running between the Kapadia mansion and the Shah house.

Anupama is left smiling with joy as she spots Hasmukh and Leela standing at the door while Barkha and Malti Devi stand shocked.

Anuj says that Leela and Hasmukh will stay with them for some days after which Malti Devi asks Anupama to take them to the guest room and she will send soup.

After they come to the room, Anuj shows Leela and Hasmukh a special alarm that will alert everyone whenever they need any help from the family members.

Leela says that Anuj is too kind toward them who have done many bad things which makes Anuj smile and he says that family is meant to stay together.

Further, Leela tells Hasmukh about Malti Devi not liking them staying there while Kavya leaves Dimpy stunned by asking her if she likes Titu.

After Kavya comes inside, Dimpy bumps into two men outside the gate and runs inside in fear as they start eve-teasing her.

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