Anupama 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Titu and Dimpy's haldi ceremony taking place and the kids become excited after that everyone gives their blessings to the couple and they dance along with each other.

The ladies of the Shah family perform a special dance for the couple and after that, Dimpy and Titu dance the kids also shower flowers over them.

Suddenly, Anu collides with Anuj and she applies haldi to his face by mistake instead of applying to Dimpy while Shruti comes to Shah's house and notices Anu and Anu together.

After that, she searches for Adhya and sees that she is enjoying dancing with the kids then Shruti goes and directly hugs Anuj and says loudly that she misses him so much.

Everyone turns around and hears her voice while Anuj is shocked to see her there and asks her when she came to India then she says that it is good that she came there otherwise she would have missed the things happening over there.

Adhya comes and hugs her and says that she is happy to see her there and says that's why her call was taking place while Anuj tells Shruti that if she wanted to come there then she should have told her earlier so that he could have made the arrangements.

Shruti says that she wanted to give him a surprise but she got a surprise after coming there while Vanraj sings a song then Shruti praises him after that she asks Anuj who has applied haldi to Anuj instead of her.

Then, she keeps her cheeks near to Anuj's and applies haldi to her cheeks too while Leela gets angry and asks her to keep some etiquette as it is India, not the U.S.A Shruti says that she saw people so advanced over here so she also thought of being open.

Vanraj asks her to apply haldi to Dimpy and Titu after that Shruti holds Anuj's hand and goes to apply haldi to Dimpy and Titu whereas Anu feels heartbroken and cries in the corner recalling everything.

Kinjal comes over there along with other women and tries to console her but she asks them to let her live alone for some time so they go from there while Devika discusses with Kinjal to do something to bring them close.

Anu tries to console herself and says that she should not get affected after seeing Shruti close to Anuj while he sits along with Shruti and asks her about her health then Shruti tells him that she is having pain but not in her back but in her heart and she asks him if he is not happy to see her over there.

Anuj does not say anything and neighbors of Leela ask if Titu will live with them then it will be against the ethics after which Anu scolds them for saying such things.

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