Anupama 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 22nd May 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 22nd May 2023 episode starts with Anuj waking up from his sleep and getting blank for some moments on seeing the same room in which Anupama used to greet him every morning.

Anuj remembers the moments he and Anupama spent together in that room when Maaya enters the room and greets Anuj with a good morning, ruining Anuj's mood completely.

Maaya asks Anuj if he slept all right while Anuj clenches his jaw due to irritation.

Anuj does not reply to Maaya's questions and leaves the room saying that he has to prepare Anu by dressing her so he needs to leave.

Maaya smiles lightly and says that soon she will enter Anuj's room too and arranges the bed for him.

Meanwhile, Samar videocalls Dimple and both talk about the plans that have been made for the sangeet function without revealing everything.

Dimple says that she felt very happy that Anuj and Maaya took the responsibility of her parents which does not make Samar smile that much.

As Dimple asks Samar about where they are going for their honeymoon, Samar does not give a clear answer to Dimple and jokes about it which upsets Dimple a bit.

Dimple tells Samar that his room is quite small for two people so they should ask Vanraj to exchange rooms with them and they can change the interior of their new room after that.

Samar says that he cannot just ask his father to leave his room as he has many memories intertwined with it.

Dimple says that she can ask Anuj for the honeymoon arrangement but Samar strictly says no to that plan as he does not want to take favors from Anuj.

Samar says that he needs a bit of time to fulfill Dimple's luxurious dreams as he has to return the 10 lakhs Vanraj gave him and if Dimple does not like Samar's decisions, then she can rethink the marriage.

At the dance academy, Anupama dances alongside Nakul which Guru maa analyzes it and comments after the performance ends.

Malti Devi says that Anupama has become more flexible than ever and she even exceeded Nakul in abilities which does not make Nakul feel good.

However, Anupama gets shocked to hear that she has to come to the academy in the evening for a costume fitting which is clashing with the sangeet function.

Anupama agrees to reach the academy by time and again requests Malti Devi if she can come to her son's wedding and bless him.

Malti Devi does not give any answer to Anupama and walks away while Nakul does the same leaving Anupama confused.

Anupama asks Bhairavi to go home and rest a bit as she needs to go to the market and buy some things for the evening function.

Later, Anuj also comes to the market to shop for things while Anupama is already present there.

Anupama and Anuj miss each other by some seconds several times and remain oblivious about each other's presence before they bump into each other.

Meanwhile, Maaya and Vanraj both get stressed about Anuj and Anupama not returning home on time.

Anuj congratulates Anupama again about going to America and Anupama says that she will go to America this time for sure.

As Anupama asks Anuj what he wanted to tell her the previous day, Anuj gets into a conflicting situation and decides not to say anything.

Anuj asks to drop Anupama at the Shah house and follows Anupama on his bike until Anupama gives in and sits behind them after which they take off together.

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