Anupama 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama telling Mr. Gulati that it's time to close their restaurant that's why they cannot serve him anything.

She says goodbye to him after which he taunts Anu for flying so high in the sky after that Yash asks Gulati to behave well with Anu.

Gulati stares at him while Anu gives a befitting reply to him and goes from there along with Yash while Gulati does not say anything.

On the other hand, Anuj sits beside Adhya and wonders why she is sleeping early today Anu reaches home and notices Anuj roaming the house and she tells him that she has brought everything for decoration.

Anuj feels bad recalling Adhya's words that she does not want Anu at her birthday party while Anu prays to god for the speedy recovery of Adhya from past trauma.

Anu asks Anuj if Adhya told him which type of decoration Adhya wants he shows her the picture that Adhya sent him then Anu assures him that she will do the decoration as per Adhya's demand.

She reminds Anuj about Adhya's first birthday which they celebrated together while Toshu comes secretly into the house and Kinjal notices him after which she asks him what was he doing out.

Toshu lies to her that he went to take fresh air outside as he was feeling nervous because food critics are going to come tomorrow in the restaurant after that Kinjal is about to say something but Toshu goes from there.

Meanwhile, Anuj and Anu do decorations for Choti Anu's birthday and Anuj feels good while spending time with Anu whereas Shruti murmurs that she will give a hint to Anu that she and Choti Anu do not want her to join the birthday party.

Till then, Anu completes the birthday decoration and the next day begins after which Anu sings a birthday song for Adhya while looking at her picture and Anuj prays to god for the speedy recovery of Adhya.

Anuj thanks Anu for doing so much for Adhya and says that after five years she has got a chance to be with Adhya so he wants to record this moment.

Anu becomes emotional and excited about Adhya's birthday after that she goes to sleep while Anuj feels bad for her as Adhya does not her at the birthday party.

On the other hand, Kavya thinks that there is something that Vanraj is hiding from her so she checks for clues in the almirah but he comes there after which she pretends that she is busy with her phone.

Just then, Vanraj receives a call from Titu's friend while Kavya quickly locks the almirah and goes from there whereas Anu wakes up for her big day.

After that, she freshens up and goes to Adhya's room wishes her a happy birthday, and clicks a photo with her while she is sleeping then she goes to bake a cake for her.

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