Anupama 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 22nd September 2023 episode starts with Anupama telling Anuj about the photograph she found in Malti Devi's belongings and emphasizing the fact that she could not mention that to Anuj.

Anuj stares with indifferent eyes at Anupama while Anupama says that fate wants Anuj not to see the file and get to know the truth on his birthday itself.

Anupama tells Anuj about how the photo dropped in front of Shushma's aunty whom she handed the cheque and she instantly recognized the baby as Anuj.

Anuj breathes harder as Anupama hands him the documents and he sees his own birth certificate and Malti Devi's donation receipts.

Anupama says that the world is small and how they have come to meet each other on such a special day while she tells Malti Devi that she is Anuj's mother.

Anuj remains silent and hears everyone whispering about how they never thought Anuj could be associated with Malti Devi like that and is her family.

Malti Devi steps forward and gently caresses Anuj's cheek with her hands which makes him tremble in pain and he steps back immediately asking Malti Devi to stay away from him.

The mood gets darker with everyone waiting for Anuj's reaction to the shocking revelation while Anupama wonders what the matter is.

Anuj says that Malti Devi is not his mother and throws those papers away while screaming the same thing as he is not ready to accept Malti Devi as his mother after what he has seen in his life.

Malti Devi stares at Anuj with tears in her eyes while Anuj calls her the great Malti Devi who is only a good dancer and career woman, knowing nothing about motherhood.

Anuj says that by giving birth, a woman does not become a mother but it is the heart that needs to carry the values of a mother, which is unfortunately, not there in Malti Devi.

Anupama sobs hearing Anuj call himself an unwanted child who was dumped into an orphanage as soon as he was born because his mother could not think about him more than a time waste.

Vanraj interrupts Anuj and asks him to at least hear out Malti Devi but Anuj says that there is nothing to hear from her and she has had enough time to come back and look for him once.

Leela says that there could be some forcing Malti Devi to do what she did, to which Anuj asks everyone to name anything that would have stopped Malti Devi as she had a career, name, and fame already.

Anuj says that Malti Devi cannot ever become his mother and calls that day the most dreadful day of his life as he gets to know the truth.

Talking about how a child suffers in an orphanage with loneliness and isolation, Anuj says that only Anu understands his feelings as they have been stripped of their childhood.

He adds that he has seen Anupama be the mother to people she did not give birth to and he wants to say if he deserves Malti Devi as his mother to which Anupama cannot give any reply.

Anuj announces that Malti Devi will always be a stranger to him as she has been till now and no revelation can change that fact.

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