Anupama 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 23rd April 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 23rd April 2023 episode starts with Anupama dancing with her whole heart to the song "Ore Piya" as she teaches dance to the girls.

Seeing Anupama dancing, Anuj remembers that no matter what others say, she is still the same person he fell in love with 26 years ago.

Anupama's movements, her expressions of pain, and her restraint tell Anuj that she is still grieving for her husband and has been in the same state as him.

In his heart, Anupama can never be replaced no matter how far away she is from him, so he says "My Anupama." while slowly realizing that it won't matter how far away, he is from her.

A feeling of Anuj's presence accompanies Anupama and she turns toward the window to find him, but Anuj ducks low and disappears out of sight.

Anupama screams Anuj's name and runs outside in search of him with Bhavesh going after her as Anupama asks him if he saw Anuj anywhere.

Kanta bumps into them on the road and gets to know that Anuj came there to see Anupama which is why Anupama is jumping with joy and excitement.

Anuj stares at Anupama returning inside the house and wonders why he could not make himself seen by her at that moment.

Meanwhile, Anupama tells Kanta that Anuj came to check on her before going to the office and that his anger has resided down a bit by now.

Anupama says that everything will become all right when she and Anuj will meet at the office later and puts on her smile as she starts getting ready to leave.

Kanta asks Anupama what she has thought to do in the future if everything gets resolved with Anuj at the office to which Anupama does not give a clear answer.

Anuj thinks about the anxiety that he is going through when thinking of facing Anupama and wonders why he held himself back at that moment earlier even though Anupama is his wife.

Anupama gets ready by making her hair, wearing a nice saree, and sindoor on her forehead to visit the office.

On her way, Anupama and Anuj both get stuck in the traffic and Anupama spots Anuj's arm sticking out of the taxi, recognizing it in a second.

However, Anuj's taxi leaves and Anupama gets assured that she will meet Anuj at the office.

Ankush seems to prepare himself to give Anuj updates on all things while Barkha asks him to stop acting like some sidekick.

As Barkha says that she will deal with Anupama separately, Ankush and Adhik tell her that Anuj and Anupama will surely meet each other no matter how much effort she put into her plan.

Anuj enters the office and meets Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik while the receptionist informs them that Anupama will be 10 minutes late.

Barkha grits her teeth in anger and asks Anuj to come inside the cabin to continue their discussion further.

Meanwhile, Vanraj seems to be worrying about Anuj and Anupama meeting and even fails to pay attention to his meeting.

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