Anupama 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 23rd May 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 23rd May 2023 episode starts with the Shah's getting busy with the sangeet preparations when Dimple comes there and surprises everyone.

Dimple says that she got free from the parlor early so she decided to come there to meet Samar to which Kinjal tells Dimple that Samar is in his room.

As Kinjal asks Leela to come to the kitchen to cook the dishes, Dimple says that they should have told Anuj to send some helping hands in this house too so that they would not have to do everything by themselves.

Dimple says how everything is chilled in the Kapadia house which makes Leela furious and she says that their house is not that of the Kapadia's and they enjoy working for their families.

Vanraj hears that Anuj has gone to the market and leaves from there saying that he has some work.

Seeing Leela attacking her verbally, Dimple asks what she did so wrong that made Leela angry in an instant.

She tries to justify herself by saying that she was thinking about them only.

Dimple says that Leela should not get angry that much as both of them would have to spend 24/7 with each other after a few days.

Samar comes there and asks what the matter to which Kinjal replies that Leela and Dimple had some misunderstandings but everything is good now.

Kinjal signals everyone to disperse into their own work so that Samar and Dimple get some privacy to talk by themselves.

Dimple says sorry to Samar and tries to explain her feelings by saying that she did not mean any harm toward Samar by saying those things.

Samar also says sorry to Dimple but makes it clear that he meant his words about his family while Dimple thinks that she will do everything after getting married.

Meanwhile, Anupama sits on the bike behind Anuj and feels awkward as they silently travel through their path without talking.

Anuj is in turmoil as he has many things to tell Anupama but his brain and heart are conflicted about what he should do now.

As a speed breaker comes, Anupama comes closer to Anuj and presses his shoulder with her hands which gives a deja-vu to both the lovers who got away from each other due to the distance coming between them.

Anuj suddenly stops the bike and tells Anupama that he has something to tell her and hesitates to utter words from his mouth.

Anupama asks Anuj to say whatever is there in his heart and Anuj starts telling her about the day he was trying to come back to Ahmedabad from Mumbai.

A horn interferes with Anuj while he talks but Anupama asks him to continue and hears the whole incident, sharing a hug with Anuj at the end.

However, Anupama comes out of her imagination and finds herself seated beside Vanraj in his car.

A flashback shows Vanraj appearing at the scene when Anuj was about to utter the truth and bringing Anupama with him in his car.

Meanwhile, Kinjal says that she does not want to have a fresh start with Toshu by giving birth to another child which makes Toshu furious and he asks Kinjal what she wants to do.

Kinjal says that she will leave the house after Samar's marriage is over as she feels suffocated living here with him.

Later, the sangeet function starts and Anuj comes along with the Kapadia's and Maaya as the bride's family.

Leela asks them to settle down and arranges for all the married women to get mehendi on their hands when Maaya says that she also wants to get mehendi for Anuj.

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