Anupama 23rd November 2023 Written Update

Anupama 23rd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 23rd November 2023 episode starts with Barkha noticing Leela cooking something in the kitchen and asking her why she is working.

Leela says that she cannot just sit idle as she is not accustomed to such a lifestyle while asking Barkha how she can sit around doing nothing for the whole day.

Barkha comments that Leela must not be that sick after which Malti Devi comes there and asks Leela not to cause any trouble for Anuj.

Malti Devi says that everyone will blame Anuj if anything happens to Leela while she is staying there after which Leela says that she is making food for Anuj only.

Leela adds that Anuj enjoys her cooking very much which triggers Malti Devi and she also makes the same dish to test out who makes better food.

Later, Anuj is given two bowls of halwa when Leela & Malti Devi asks him to identify which is prepared by whom along with the better-tasting dish.

Anupama, Romil, and Ankush laugh at Anuj's situation as he is stuck between Leela and Malti Devi while Anuj laughs nervously.

Anuj mixes the two halwas together and says that both taste good after which Leela mentions that Anuj does not like cauliflower and Malti Devi should know things like that as Anuj's mother.

Meanwhile, Dimpy and Titu teach dance to the students when the two men whom Dimpy bumped in the previous night appear and comment that they also wish to learn dance if they can get so close to Dimpy.

Dimpy gets disgusted on hearing the comments while Titu clenches his jaw, lands punches on the two men and does not stop until Dimpy gets pushed away while stopping him.

Those men click pictures of Titu and Dimpy together and plan to use them badly while Titu asks Dimpy if she is all right.

After seeing Titu trying to help her with everything, Dimpy tells him that she does not need his sympathy and kindness as she is enough for herself.

Dimpy says that she will not tolerate Titu coming closer to her like that to which Titu snaps and says that he does not have any scarcity of girls in his life which is why Dimpy should not give herself so much importance.

Elsewhere, Romil teaches Hasmukh how to use the internet and its facilities which Anuj and Anupama appreciate as there is no age to learn something new.

Romil is shocked to see a video and shows it to others leaving Anuj and Anupama stunned as they see edited pictures of Titu and Dimpy together like a couple.

Anuj says that the pictures are fake and calls the cyber department to know about the culprit while Anupama says that this fake video can destroy everything.

Hasmukh comes and stops Leela from seeing the video somehow but Dimpy watches it and starts feeling terrible as everyone will talk about her character openly.

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