Anupama 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 23rd October 2023 episode starts with Devika remembering that she has left her AirPods at the cafe and running back there while Anupama and Anuj sip tea.

Anupama completes her tea and tells Anuj that the small cup of tea holds so much relief in it for an ordinary person and she hopes that she can also feel that relief after the case gets solved in their favour.

Anuj tells Anupama that they will win the case with all their might and Anupama will also find the relief that she has been denied since Samar's death.

Anupama feels comforted on hearing Anuj's statement while Anuj assures her that he is there with her till the end of this fight and will never leave her alone.

She holds Anuj's hands with hers which leaves Anuj stunned for a moment as he had been desperate to feel Anupama's touch since the misunderstanding made them distant.

Anuj inhales deeply as Anupama presses his hands in hers after which Anuj leans slowly on Anupama's shoulders and breathes with relief taking over his heart.

He asks Anupama if he can be angry with her now to which Anupama replies with a yes and confesses that she still loves Anuj a lot.

With a grumpy face, Anuj asks Anupama why she and Devika made such a plan without involving him to which Anupama gets worried about Anuj's safety and says that it was her decision to do that.

Anuj asks Anupama why she decided to do something when Suresh Rathore comes there and starts taunting Anupama for romancing her husband when her son has not been dead for more than one month.

Suresh says that he must have done good deeds in his previous life as his son will get released the next day and the hearing is just a formality.

Anupama feels enraged hearing Suresh's nonsense and throws her slipper at him after which she warns him to beat him up if he dares to comment something like that the next day in the court.

Suresh stares at Anuj and tells Anupama to watch what he does which leaves Anupama anxious as she fears that Anuj is in danger.

Later, Anuj, Anupama, and Devika return home in their car and suddenly the tire gets punctured by a pin placed on the road.

Anuj says that it must have been done by Suresh Rathore when a group of men attacks them and Anuj gets stabbed in his stomach, making Anupama scream in fear.

However, the entire scene turns out to be Anupama's dream and she gets nervous for Anuj's safety after which they return home.

At night, Anuj and Anupama sleep in their room when a masked man enters the room and proceeds to attack Anuj but Anupama hits the man on his head with a stick.

The police come and take the man with them to make him confess while asking Anuj and Anupama to stay careful until they reach the court.

Malti Devi says that Anuj should not go to the court the next day but Anuj asks Malti Devi to understand Anupama's pain as she calls herself a mother.

Devika asks Malti Devi to stop showing her sudden enlightened motherhood as life is not that easy and Anuj will not suddenly start loving the woman who abandoned him.

Malti Devi says that despite Anupama being Anuj's wife, she does not care about Anuj's safety which pricks Anupama in her heart.

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