Anupama 24th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 24th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 24th April 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 24th April 2023 episode starts with Anuj and Ankush meeting each other and entering Anuj's cabin at the office.

Anuj stares at the office with nostalgic eyes and proceeds to sit on the client's seat but Ankush asks him to proudly sit in his real place which is the CEO's seat.

Anuj tells Ankush that he does not deserve to sit there as Ankush and Barkha are the ones who have been running this company for some days now after he left suddenly.

Ankush tells Anuj not to say such things and makes him sit in his chair in his cabin and says everything can become normal only if Anuj wants that to happen.

Anuj finds that magnet that he found in his college days which turned out to be Anupama's on his table and starts feeling emotional remembering Anupama.

Ankush tells Anuj that fate is giving him another opportunity just like a year ago to meet Anupama, whom he has loved for 26 years and still does more than his entire existence.

Anuj sits there blankly as Ankush asks him to run to Anupama as soon as she arrives as he and Anupama are not meant to live separately like this.

However, Barkha comes and says that Anuj and Anupama are better off separately and tells Ankush and Anuj that she can explain why she is saying so.

Barkha says that Anupama's first priority will always be her children and the Shahs, and even after Anuj decides to go back to her, he has to beg for Anupama's attention for his entire life.

Ankush asks Barkha to stop blabbering nonsense while Barkha tells Anuj that Anupama has easily moved on in her life without any difficulty and is doing good by opening a new dance school.

Barkha says that if Anupama cared about Anuj and wanted him back, then she would have waited for him by staying in the Kapadia mansion but she has changed now.

Anuj comes to his senses as Barkha asks him how he is going to face Anupama after hurting her like that and walking out of her life and if he has the guts to hurt her again.

At the same time, Dimple comes to the Shah house and Leela gets angry at her for making tea in more quantity than needed.

Leela starts talking about parent's Sanskar which Dimple lacks and Dimple also gets angry hearing such insults.

Samar stops both of them from fighting with each other and says that Leela needs to give respect to Dimple if she wants it back.

Meanwhile, Anupama is close to the office when she gets a call from Vanraj who asks her where she is but Anupama does not answer him and replies that she will talk to him later.

Anupama enters the office and stares at Anuj's office while Anuj also spots Anupama entering the office from his cabin and stares at her with teary eyes.

However, Anupama gets called by the receptionist who asks her to wait there while Barkha asks Anuj to sign the papers quickly as he needs to return to Anu.

Anuj signs the papers without even looking at them after which Barkha and Adhik leave to deal with Anupama and Ankush asks Anuj to take those four steps and end all distances between him and Anupama.

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