Anupama 24th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 24th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 24th December 2023 episode starts with Anupama getting thrown out of the restaurant by the waitress.

Anupama stands in the middle of the street and watches others eating, drinking, talking, and exchanging money which makes her feel out of place.

Thinking about how she has nothing with her at the moment, Anupama stares at a woman drinking water and spots her leaving the bottle on the bench.

Anupama thanks God for helping her quench her thirst at least after which she comes running toward the bottle but it crashes on the ground after getting hit by a ball.

Anupama stares at the empty bottle and tries to drink some droplets from it but nothing comes out which leaves her hopeless again.

While walking slowly in that area, Anupama notices a cop talking to two women and remembers Devika telling her that she needs to have her passport and visa with her all the time or else cops can catch her.

Anupama gets nervous as the cop comes toward her and asks her to show her ID.

Without lying about anything, Anupama tells the cop that she has lost her money, passport, diary, and other things as thieves snatched it away last night.

However, the cop asks Anupama to stop giving excuses and tells her that she needs to come to the police station with her which leaves Anupama stunned.

Anupama tries to resist going with the cop but the entire conversation turns out to be Anupama's imagination.

Meanwhile, Kavya tells Vanraj that Mahi's health is not good and she is going to meet her at the hostel to which Vanraj says that she can stay in any hotel she wants for the night.

Kavya says that Mahi needs her father to take care of her for once as Kavya cannot lie to her anymore with her growing age and capacity to understand things.

Vanraj says that Kavya should take Mahi to her real father then as he is not her child's father and has made himself very clear about the matter.

Kavya stands silent as Vanraj reminds her about his condition to come back to this house which was that Mahi cannot stay with them and is not a part of the Shah family.

Vanraj asks Kavya not to show him tears and emotionally blackmail him as only his parents and Ansh matter to him now.

Elsewhere, Ansh refuses to sleep with Dimpy and says that she does not love him and that only Vanraj and Leela are the ones who care for him.

Dimpy cries by herself and tells Samar that she has been left alone with her own son not wanting her after which she notices Teetu calling her.

Kavya asks Dimpy to think about herself as Vanraj does not care about Dimpy anyways and only loves Ansh.

At the same time, Anupama notices some people dancing by the street who welcome her to perform and she shows her classical moves.

Many passers-by give money to Anupama for her dance which finally brings some earning to her and makes her happy.

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