Anupama 24th February 2024 Written Update

Anupama 24th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 24th February 2024 episode starts with Adhya holding onto Anupama's hand to stand up, after which they walk out of the alley with cautious steps together.

Anuj gets a message from Anupama informing him that she is with Adhya and they are safe. Anuj immediately lets Shruti know about it.

Anupama and Adhya come to the restaurant where Yashdeep and Vikram are discussing the ingredients to be ordered, and they notice how the two ladies enter with disheveled faces.

Yashdeep asks Vikram to give water to Adhya while Anupama makes her sit on the chair and asks her to take a sip, after which they give her some juice for sugar intake.

Adhya silently drinks the juice while Anupama takes loud breaths, and Yashdeep gives her water so that she, too, settles down.

Anupama asks Adhya if she is feeling better and continuously addresses her as "Choti", which brings Adhya back to reality. She pushes away Anupama from herself, asking her not to touch her.

Adhya says that her name is Adhya and not "Choti", and Anupama should not call her by that name again. Adhya blames Anupama for the whole situation.

Yashdeep asks Adhya to be polite to her mother, but Adhya asks him to stay out of the family matter while continuing to say how Anupama has come into her settled and happy life, ruining it to shambles.

Adhya tells Anupama about her fight with Anuj and the fight between Anuj and Shruti. She says that Shruti left the house because Anupama has returned to their lives.

Anupama doesn't like Adhya's tirade and shuts her up. She admonishes her, saying that she is being very impolite to her elders.

Anupama says that Adhya only cares about herself while forgetting that other people are struggling in their daily lives.

Reminding Adhya of her age, Anupama tells her that she should stay a teenager and deal with her age-related issues instead of trying to be an adult who knows everything about life.

Anupama asks Adhya why she did not care about her father once as he has loved her all his life, contrary to their current broken relationship.

Making Adhya aware of the realities of the past and the present, Anupama says that she left Anuj and Adhya so that they could live happily, and she has never distinguished between Adhya and her other children.

Anupama says that Adhya will not trust her, but that does not change the truth that Anupama became a mother the moment she called her "mummy".

Anuj comes there and releases a sigh of relief after he sees that Adhya is safe. Shruti also arrives there. Anuj realizes that many arguments have already taken place.

Anupama asks Anuj and Shruti to take away their daughter and explain to her so that she does not repeat such a foolish thing, after which Adhya hugs Shruti, making Anupama feel emotional.

Anuj thanks Anupama for her help. Then Anuj and Shruti take Adhya and leave the restaurant.

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