Anupama 24th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 24th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Shruti asking Anuj why he always goes to Sha's house for even short functions then Anuj says that there are many things for which he needs to go and help them in function.

He says that he cannot leave Adhya alone, and then Shruti says that she is also worried about Adhya and whether she has eaten anything or not.

Anuj asks Shruti to come along with him if she wants then she receives a call from the food critic so she denies going to Shah's house Anuj wonders why Shruti is behaving wei after seeing Anu and why the critic is calling her again and again.

He wonders if she is feeling insecure seeing Anu along with him while Adhya enjoys getting along with the kids and feeds them food while Kavya wonders why she is not eating anything after that Leela says that she is feeding everyone but herself she is not eating anything.

Then, Kavya brings lunch for Adhya and feeds her while Anu also wants to feed her then she comes and secretly feeds Adhya which makes her feel good and Adhya turns around after which Kavya comes in front so that she does not get angry over Anu.

Leela feels happy seeing her whole family members together and asks Hashmuk how will they get away from their family members while Anu notices Vanraj being tensed and he calls Tapesh's friend to know about certain things but he does not receive the call.

Vanraj gets angry and Anu asks him what is he going to do but he does not tell her anything and says that she is habitual of interrupting in between and goes from there while Devika comes there and asks Anu if she should follow Vanraj.

Anu allows her to go behind him while she and Kavya also decide to know what is going on in Vanraj's mind whereas Dimpy becomes worried and asks Anu if all the things will take properly or not.

Then, Anu assures her that everything will be fine and she asks her to eat the food and enjoy the day after that she gets ready to bring cake and pastry for kids and she sits in Anuj's car by mistake.

Anuj comes in front of her and she asks for an apology from him and says that she thought it was the car that Kinjal took on rent then she is about to leave but Anuj stops her and drops her at the bakery.

After going to the bakery, she notices Shruti and the food critic discussing and Anu gets to know that the food critic was informed by Shruti after which she scolds Shruti for it but Shruti misbehaves with her.

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